5 Steps to Control Winter Entryway Mess

100_2574When you think of winter, do you picture a cluttered entryway strewn with soggy socks and slushy boots? If so, you are not alone.

Winter gear can be a challenge to keep under control in the entryway, but with a little planning, you can keep your entryway clean and inviting this winter season.

Step 1: Seasonal Prep

If you have not already done so, take time to clear out any warm weather gear that may still be taking up space in your entryway. This will give you more room to prepare for the influx of winter apparel that will be coming with the first snowfall.

Step 2: Rally Your Rugs

Snow, salt, slush and mud can quickly turn your entryway into a mess during the winter months. If you do not stop it in its tracks, that mess is sure to spill into the rest of your home.

To keep your floors clean and to keep your family and guests safe, be sure to use rubber-backed rugs near your entryway door. You will want to protect your interior floors inside the entryway, but also do yourself a favor by placing a durable mat outside your entryway door to catch dirt before it enters your home.

We recommend the following floor solutions for your entryway this winter:

  • A welcome mat outside your door should catch the bulk of mud and dirt (just be sure to shake it out regularly).
  • A rimmed boot tray just inside your entryway door will control puddles from very wet or muddy shoes.
  • A bench and shoe cubes will encourage removal and storage of all other footwear.
  • A durable indoor/outdoor rug that covers most of the floor area in your entryway will help catch finer particles of dirt and dust before they migrate into the rest of your home.

Step 3: Catch That Winter Clutterimages

The next item on your winter entryway to-do list should include a clutter management strategy for coats, bags, scarves, gloves, and other winter items that tend to be shed just inside the door.

Consider incorporating the following organization systems:

  • Labeled coat hooks or hangers for each family member and extras for guests
  • Bag hooks for each family member to keep backpacks and purses off of the floor
  • A stylish laundry basket for collecting soggy socks and dirty thermal layers
  • Bins labeled for each person’s gloves and hats
  • A drying rack or clothes line for wet items that need to dry out

Step 4: Easy and Efficient Clean Up

Although proper preparation should help minimize the mess in your entryway, you will still need to clean the area more often during the winter months than you do during the warmer seasons. Make the task less daunting by checking the area daily and having all of your supplies at the ready when you want to clean up.

  • Entryway Towels – if you have the space, try to keep a few clean towels in your entryway to quickly clean up wet pet paws and/or drips that get onto your floor.
  • Cordless Vacuum – more convenient than a traditional vacuum, a cordless vacuum will make it fast and easy for you to clean up salt and dirt from your entryway floors. Quickly running the vacuum on a daily basis will help maintain the condition of your floors and prevent grime from settling into your rug fibers.

Step 5: Reward Good Habits

We all know that even the best intentions can be led astray if you do not convince your family to use the systems you put in place. Try offering incentives to your children for keeping their items cleaned up, like extra allowance or the opportunity to delegate chores to a sibling who does not keep their items off the entryway floor. If nothing else, let your family know how important it is to you that they make an effort to help keep the home clean and welcoming for guests.

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