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Below are recent home improvement stories.  We take your ideas and your needs and create a solution that fits perfectly into the space you have.  We take ideas and turn them into reality.  Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you might have.

Why You Need to Get Organized BEFORE the Holidays

Get Organized BEFORE the HolidaysThe holidays are upon us and there’s a lot to do in preparation. Between shopping for loved ones and entertaining guests at our homes, it seems like every weekend is scheduled. There is still time to organize and update your home before the holiday craziness strikes! You just need a plan in place. There is a way to bring the current state of your home from cluttered to clean. Garage Décor and More can assist you every step of the way, finding extra storage in closets, garages and more that you didn’t even think you had!

Many professional organizers recommend getting your home ready for holiday entertaining over time, tackling each room in the house start-to-finish before moving on to the next room. Once each room is organized, it will also be up to you and everyone in your family to keep the home uncluttered in preparation for the upcoming festivities. Are you up for the challenge? Garage Décor and More can make holiday prep easy.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah is a time most of us will entertain our guests with a focus on the kitchen and dining areas. Keeping this area fresh and tidy is important since food prep and convenient storage will be the foundation for your upcoming main event.  Things to consider as you prepare:

  • Is your pantry and cabinets organized and easy to use?
  • Are you embarrassed when you open a cabinet door?
  • Can you easily find the items and supplies you use on a regular basis?

Garage Décor and More offers a large selection of cabinet colors and designs that can easily turn your unsightly kitchen into one that’s a homeowner’s dream. Our RedLine Design Systems have products and accessories that are built to last, accommodating any sized pantry and kitchen. If you use your pressure cooker weekly, why continue to keep it hidden in a bottom shelf? With our organizational systems, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use kitchen all of your guests will adore with an easier access to all items you need.

Often, over the holidays, our guests will stay with us overnight or over the weekend. Is your spare room organized and comfortable for your seasonal guests? Or, is your spare room one that often gets overlooked, used for storage and not much else? Garage Décor and More offers free consultations and can come look at any room you are trying to organize. If your spare room’s closet is cluttered and cramped, it may be time to think of a closet overhaul. With our RedLine Closets, your guests will benefit from a serene space that offers plenty of storage for their personal belongings, while also being more organized for your entire family, all year long.

Whether you need extra space for entertaining or a kitchen rejuvenation, Garage Décor and More can help. We have a long list of products that can organize any room of the home. The holidays are an ideal time to showcase your new pantry, guest closet, or recently organized basement. Need to find room for that new pool table in the basement from Santa Claus? Our custom shelving and storage racks will relocate items cluttering your basement floor, making room for all of your new “toys”.

Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We offer free consultations and personalized service to suit any space, need and budget. Get ready for the holidays and give Garage Décor and More a call at (618) 408-1690 or visit us online at http://garagedecorandmore.com/.

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Finding a Perfect Spot for All of Your Cold Weather Gear

Cold Weather Gear When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to lose track of where all your cold weather gear goes. There may be wet boots from the snow in the garage with scarves and gloves lining the hallway. If your family comes in from the outdoors and immediately begins to shed their layers of clothing with no logical place to hang up or store the items, it’s probably time to call Garage Décor and More. We can help organize your cold weather gear and make your life easier.

With the colder weather comes more clothing and accessories to keep us comfortable. Having a location to hang the damp coats, gloves and muddy boots is a dream come true. Entryways can especially become messy on a day-to-day basis, and mixing in cold weather clothing and gear can really add to the chaos. As a homeowner, the first step is to decide where to put your cold weather gear (and other items that can be used year-round, such as briefcases, backpacks, shoes and more) and then discuss with us what you’d like your new storage area to look like.

At Garage Décor and More, we have the solutions for every customer. Tall cabinets look stunning and can be used as open cubbies or with cabinet doors. Cabinets in your entryway, like ones from Redline for example, offer a clean, uniform style that can be customized to your unique taste. With a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from, you’ll find storage that not only organizes your entryway, but looks great, too. Add hooks for easy storage and a base unit for your shoes and boots. Everything will be easy to find before you leave the house and easy to store when you arrive back home.

As you decide on cabinetry and storage solutions, think about assigning a cubby to each member of your family. Giving your child ownership of a storage cubby will help to teach him/her responsibility and may even help you get to appointments on time… They’ll know exactly where their favorite jacket and shoes are before they need to leave the house!

Our Redline Cabinets are made tough, able to withstand the dirt, grime and snow that comes with a cold winter. Don’t damage your walls and floors with too much water and ice dripping off onto them. Instead, rely on a storage system by Garage Décor and More. If you don’t have room in the entryway, we can also transform an area in your garage where cold weather gear can be stored. Many of us use our garage for storage most of the time anyway, so installing an organizational system in the garage may be an ideal solution for your needs and your family.

Whether you need a mudroom makeover, a closet overhaul, or an enviable entryway, we can help. There is nothing better than an organized home, and our products can be custom installed to fit any room and solve a multitude of organizational challenges. Are you ready to get organized? Call us for a hassle-free consultation at (618) 408-1750 or find us online at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.

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Making Use of Storage Space in Your Home

storage space in your homeFrom basements to attics to closets, organizing your home in an effective manner is a wonderful way to manage your storage. If you are fortunate enough to have one, or even a few storage spots in your home for overflow items, seasonal clothes, recreational equipment and more, you know the importance of keeping those spaces optimized! Garage Décor and More can work with the existing storage spaces you have and make them even better.

Check out these basic tips we’d like to share to help our clients organize their storage spaces in the home. Have questions? Give us a call and we can set up a hassle-free and no charge consultation.

The beloved closet.

If a friend is house hunting, you’ll often hear one of the best (or worst) features they notice is “closet space.” If you want to take ample advantage of the closet space you already have, we have some tried and true recommendations.

  • Try using one type of hanger in your closet. Varying types seem to always get stuck together, with different heights and thicknesses. The thinner hangers, covered in velvet, are often a client’s favorite because they are slim, offer more space, and keep clothes on better.
  • Hang your clothes “backwards,” and once you wear it, hang it the right way. If you go an entire year without wearing something (you’ll know because it’ll still be hung backwards), it’s an indicator you should donate it or try selling it.
  • Install an extra tension rod so you can hang shirts on top and skirts on the bottom in your closet. If you have room, you can even install drawers in your closet.

We will happily assess what closet space you already have and offer other recommendations for organizing the space. Our Redline Closet Organization System is beautifully crafted and made to last. If it’s time to update your closet, we can help.

Make good use of the basement.

Does your popcorn popper sit out on your kitchen counter all year, only being used on those special “movie nights?” Is your aunt’s baby rocker taking up space in the den, gathering dust and never being used for sitting or rocking while you read that good book? It’s probably time to take a look at the rooms in the home, assessing what is actually being used regularly and what is just taking up space.

We often hear from our clients that they are not necessarily attached to the actual items cluttering their home; they are more attached to the memories associated with them. Ideally, if you have room in one of your home’s storage spaces, you can relocate the item out of the main thoroughfare of the home. Another option is to simply take a photo of the furniture or knick-knack you have fond memories of and give or sell it to someone who can use it and appreciate it. Depending on what you would like to do, we can certainly advise you on a better way to store any personal belongings in your basement, either by installing our Redline cabinetry or any one of our wall organization systems for smaller items.

Make garage storage work for you.

If you are feeling disorganized, it’s best to figure out what you need to keep and what you may need to donate or sell. Regardless of which room of the home needs some TLC, decluttering is an important part of getting organized. Some people run out and get containers and hooks and shelving because they want to feel organized, but they still have no idea what they are wanting to keep or store. Before you do anything, sort through your belongings first and begin to downsize.

Garage Décor and More has many options for organizing your garage space. Whether you want to utilize a Hyloft overhead storage rack for items not used daily or install the Workbench Series of cabinets for easy access, we can help. Trust us, the first time you push your garage opener button and raise the door after a garage refresh, you’ll wonder why you ever waited to give us a call!

At Garage Décor and More, we offer customized styles and features for your closets, basement, garage, pantry…any storage room in the home. When you are looking for quality paired with good looks, our custom organizational systems can’t be beat. Contact us to learn more about our storage options for your home and to set up a hassle-free consultation. Call us at (618) 789-7969 or visit our website at http://garagedecorandmore.com/.

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Organizing Your Attic for Storage

Organizing Your AtticAny organization project requires some simple, standard steps to get the job done in the most efficient, hassle-free way possible. If you need to organize your attic to make it a more useful, workable space, we have some tips that will work wonders. An underutilized attic is truly a shame because it’s a space that works quite well for storing items that homeowners don’t typically need on a regular basis. Need a space for your college kid’s stuff, holiday décor or family collectibles you no longer use but would like to keep? Utilize your attic space!

The decluttering process begins! As with any organization project, figuring out what you need and what you don’t need should come first. You may have unmarked boxes and bins in your attic that you’ve completely forgotten existed. Before you can clean and figure out your new shelving and organizational system, you need to begin to declutter and donate. Throw away those broken toys, multiple work towels and mystery power cords! It’s time to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to organize in your “new” attic storage space.

Clean it up. Attics may require some TLC if they’ve been neglected for quite some time. You may find some pests or unwanted critters turning your attic into their home. Spiders and other creepy crawlers may have at one time found your attic to be a comfy place to start a family. Once you’ve decluttered, and before you begin to actually store items in a logical manner, it’s not a bad idea to hire a pest control company to rid your attic of pests or use a do-it-yourself spray to start fresh.

Easy to find storage. Most attics can be warm and toasty in the summer and chilly during the winter months, so it makes sense to find what you are looking for, fast! When items are placed on the wall, like with the StoreWALL re-engineered slatwall system, you’ll have storage at your fingertips. It’s heavy duty storage that’s versatile, waterproof and recyclable. Our Storbox bins fit perfectly in the storage system, offering an easy way to find items you want to organize.

For heavier items and a more polished look, we can install one of our custom cabinet systems. Uniquely-shaped attic? We can install a closet system that will fit perfectly in your exact attic space. With Redline Closet Systems, you’re not limited to standard off-the-shelf solutions, making this system an ideal option for different roof lines, wall variations and more. Every closet and need is different, so we offer 16 shelf and cabinet depths in virtually any height.

The installation of small cabinets and drawers is also ideal for storing items in your attic. Place the drawers close to your attic’s entrance since the entrance offers the best light source to easily find what you need. Extra décor, holiday dishes or even that sewing kit and machine you rarely use can be placed closer to the attic’s door, ensuring quick and easy access. It’s also a great idea to keep a “donation” area in your attic as you organize more over time. This way, you can place items you no longer need in one designated spot for that next trip to your favorite donation place.

Once your attic is cleaned up and set up how you like it, your organizational potential is endless! Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois, as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We offer free consultations and personalized service so that getting organized fits your particular needs and budget. Want to learn more? Give Garage Décor and More a call at (618) 208-0957 or visit us online at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.

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How Getting Organized Can Give You More Space

getting organizedThere are many, many reasons for getting organized. Whether you are a young couple recently married and combining belongings or a parent trying to streamline the process for constantly cleaning up your kids’ messes, an organized living space can make life easier. Another reason to “get organized” is that you’ll discover you have more usable space than you once realized. Organizing your home, one room at a time, will turn your frustration into celebration! At Garage Décor and More, we can show you how.

Kitchen Organization

The pantry is an important space to organize. Especially if you have teenagers, you’ll notice that mere hours can go by after a shopping trip and the pantry will look almost completely bare again! When you have a well-organized pantry, it’s easier to know what groceries are needed, making shopping a breeze. Grocery stores have been doing things right for decades, organizing their shelves so that the newest boxes and products are behind the older items. Keeping cereals and baking goods in labeled containers can also be helpful when organizing.

At Garage Décor and More, we have a knack for pantry organization! We are able to help design and build pantries of all sizes, creating more usable space for homeowners who need it.

Household Closets

Homeowners with plenty of closet space typically don’t take it for granted; having a “place for everything” is a homeowner’s dream! Unfortunately, as our families grow and our possessions increase, finding enough closet space can often be a problem. Garage Décor and More can maximize your existing closet space with ease! For example, we can create more room in the bottom of your closet with the use of storage bins and stackable cabinets or drawers. One handy tip is if you find yourself reaching for items in your closet often, it’s best to put them in a spot that’s easy to find. Keep your everyday essentials in sight and easy-to-reach. It may take some planning on your part to figure out where commonly used items should go, but in the long run it will be well worth it.

An organized linen closet is another key place to store useful household items. Think beach towels, sheets and holiday-themed towels for every bathroom and bedroom! If your linen closet is overflowing, it’s time to give us a call. First and foremost, go through all of those sheets and towels and repurpose any that are old, torn and tattered. Once you’ve decluttered your linens, fold and store the items you want to keep. Store sheet sets within pillowcases to help the clutter. We can show you sample photos of linen closets we have designed, also offering recommendations on the best solution for your particular closet.

If your master bedroom closet needs some TLC, we can redesign that, too. We help homeowners think about their closet space in a more logical, organized way. For instance, it’s best to organize certain clothes and accessories in the closet together if you often wear them as a set. Our high-quality closets are from Redline Closet Systems, offering custom solutions for any size of closet. With Redline, options include 16 shelf and cabinet depths in any height, as well as eight exterior color combinations.

Garage Organization

Having a well-organized garage offers many benefits. Even though the main function of a garage is for storing your vehicles, homeowners appreciate the fact that this extra room in the home can also be used for storing other items. In the garage, ideal storage space can be achieved by going vertical with HandiWALL and Slatwall systems. This wall storage system offers an open design, making it easier to find what you are looking for while staying organized. There are a variety of products that we can incorporate into your home’s organizational scheme that are affordable, convenient and smart.

Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Recently voted “Best of Service” by Houzz, we offer free consultations and personalized service so that your custom organizational system fits your space, needs and budget. We can help you find all of that extra space you need by getting organized! Contact Garage Décor and More at (618) 208-0957 or visit us online at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.

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Tips to Organize the Bedroom

tips to organize your bedroomIs your bedroom a relaxing place, offering you a peaceful haven for reading, sleeping and to enjoy personal space at the end of a long day? If you sometimes find your bedroom gets messy and disorganized, and your place of tranquility is causing you stress, it may be time to call Garage Décor and More so we can assist you in a “re-organization overhaul.” Not only can we help in closet organization, we can offer tips to organize the bedroom, too. A free consultation with us can help create the bedroom of your dreams!

When trying to get your bedroom organized, the first step is always using your closet to its fullest potential. Whether we simply add shelving to an existing closet or do a complete custom cabinetry overhaul by Redline Closet Systems, we can maximize your existing closet space. Still need a more organized bedroom? Here are some other tips.

Minimalistic thinking helps when organizing the bedroom. Before re-organizing any space,we recommend deciding what you really need and what may need to be repurposed or donated. If too much clutter causes you unnecessary stress, it’s best to keep that clutter out of the bedroom since it’s a place you go to when you want to sleep, relax and unwind. The bedroom space, overall, should be a private escape and one that brings you peace and harmony.

Have corner space? Create shelving or a desk! Have a corner spot that may be too small for a dresser or an armchair? It may be an ideal space for a decorative plant or small desk. At Garage Décor and More, we can create custom shelving based on your personal taste. We offer quality cabinetry and shelving by Redline, turning that corner into a more usable space in your bedroom. With shelving, you can place your favorite books, photos and knick-knacks clearly on display and off the floor.

We can create a “bedroom nook” to supplement existing closet space. Even if you’ve already updated your closet space with us but find that you still need more room, we can turn any available wall space into a nook…a place to store additional clothing, shoes and more. Let us visit your home and figure out the best place to create a storage nook to satisfy even the pickiest homeowner. Your nook will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your room’s décor and architecture.

Use “smart furniture” to store your belongings. If you have a small bedroom and not a lot of storage space, instead of purchasing a padded headboard for your bed select one with storage options instead. At Garage Décor and More, we can offer many suggestions on storage solutions that will enhance your bedroom storage space without sacrificing your room’s beauty. Many homeowners also use footboards for storage and under-bed storage to increase their bedroom’s usability.

We have also installed custom wall-beds for clients wanting a space-saving and efficient option for their bedroom. With a wall-bed, your bedroom is transformed from a bedroom to a guest space to an office in seconds! Have you always dreamed of a workout room but didn’t think you had enough space? With a wall-bed, you have the option to make your extra room one with superior multi-tasking abilities! Our wall-beds look like a beautiful piece of custom furniture, use regular mattresses for your utmost comfort, and come in sizes from twin to queen.

At Garage Décor and More, you pick the style and features you like and we’ll design the rest. We can offer the best suggestions for organizing your bedroom, optimizing its space and creating a place you look forward to retreating to at day’s end. When you are looking for quality paired with good looks, our custom organizational systems can’t be beat. Contact us to learn more about our organizational options for your bedroom and to set up a hassle-free consultation. Call us at (618) 208-0957 or visit our website at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.


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