3 Smart Garage Cabinet Ideas That Make It Easy to Stay Organized

overhead storageAt Garage Décor & More, we’ve visited many homes to assess their existing garage storage situation and offer suggestions on what we can do to help. We assist clients that have recently moved into their new home, lacking any garage storage, to homeowners that simply need a garage facelift. In a nutshell, we’ve seen many, many garages! Here are some of the top recommendations we have for optimizing your garage storage space so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Consult with an expert.

We offer hassle-free, no obligation consultations to customers in need of storage solutions. It’s easy to run out of room in your garage to store seasonal yard equipment, sports gear for the kids, and more. We’ve seen “do-it-yourself” solutions that may have worked at one time, but eventually become obsolete due to growing families and changing needs. At Garage Décor and More, we know what solution is suitable for any situation, and have tackled many of the homeowner’s challenges with our vast array of products. If you are looking to create a storage space that works well for today’s storage concerns (and into the future), trust a professional that can offer recommendations that are attractive, functional, and well thought-out.

Quality is important.

Did you find some old shelving at a discount on eBay 10 years ago? Did you install your own cabinetry when you first moved into that new space, now disappointed that it’s warped and looking a bit shoddy after all these years? Garage Décor and More only sells and installs quality cabinetry that is built to last, offering finishes and designs that look outstanding, but are also scratch, ding and dent resistant. We know that many of our customers use their garages for a variety of different tasks and Redline Garagegear® cabinets have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. With over 500 sizes and styles to choose from, we can help you create the perfect storage solution for your needs. Not only are our cabinets affordable, but they are also made in the U.S.A. Learn more about what makes our cabinets so special here.

Store off the floor.

Garage Décor and More offers solutions that keeps stacks of items off the garage floor. Our clients use a variety of storage solutions, including Statwall panels that save storage space in your garage. Statwall products are one of the easiest and quickest ways to get items off the floor in your garage. These attractive panels can be installed over existing drywall or block walls and are made of durable PVC material. With accessories, you can store a variety of items, including bikes, shovels, yard tools of all sizes, sports equipment and more. It’s just one more affordable solution that Garage Décor and More can recommend that keeps you and your family organized.

Garage Décor and More are experts in offering custom designed storage solutions that can improve any room of the home, not just the garage. Budget-friendly solutions that are customizable can get your home just the way you want it! With free consultations, what are you waiting for? Kick-off the new year with a newly organized garage space. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com/or call us at (618) 408-1690.