Make More Space in Your Kitchen with These Organization Tips

organize your kitchenWith the holidays upon us and a busy season of entertaining, it’s never been more important to have an organized kitchen. If you find yourself doing some extra baking and cooking, you may need to rearrange your kitchen space to make it as functional as possible. Tired of the cluttered work spaces in your kitchen? With our handy organizational tips, you’ll create the counter space you never thought you had!

No kitchen ever seems to have enough room for all the kitchen utensils and appliances you need. At Garage Décor and More, we can help you achieve the organizational space you desire, no matter the size of your kitchen. We have the expertise you need to create an organized and functional kitchen. Here are some organizational tips to help you maximize space in the busiest room of the home for the upcoming holidays.

Maximize your pantry.

Most of the chaos in your kitchen can be alleviated by creating an organized pantry. We can help organize bulk items with our custom shelving and cabinets, opening up valuable space and making it easy for your pantry staples to be accessed. Our designers can create a perfect pantry space that will hold your groceries, bulky cookware, kitchen tools and more. The best part? We offer a wide variety of colors and styles to match your existing décor.

Small pantry? No problem!

If you have a smaller pantry, don’t give up hope! You’ll be amazed at what we can do with your existing pantry space. Our hassle-free consultations come in handy when you simply don’t know what to do with existing storage options. Our design experts will look at what your challenges may be and design a solution to meet your needs.

Use storage from another room.

If you buy in bulk, we can also suggest using other parts of the home for the paper towels, toilet paper and other items that can be stored in the garage or on mudroom shelving, keeping those items out of the pantry. Repurposing another location in the house may be the answer to your small kitchen or pantry issues. Eliminate clutter in the kitchen by contacting a design expert at Garage Décor and More! Our team can increase storage potential for any space.

Get “hooked”!

Hooks can come in handy when it comes to keeping the kitchen organized. And the best part? Hooks are functional in a variety of ways. From bare walls to cabinet doors, hooks can be installed wherever it’s most convenient. Some tips include installing hooks underneath cabinets for your favorite coffee mugs or consider hanging up your most-used kitchen utensils near the stove to make cooking more efficient.

Garage Décor and More offers many suggestions for custom organization systems that can improve any room of the home, including the kitchen. We offer free consultations to help you decide what options are best for you. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website at or call us at (618) 408-1690.