Don’t Forget to Look Down: Why Your Garage Flooring is Important Too

garage flooringHave you been considering updating your outdated garage, not only making it more functional but also a more attractive, inviting space? Many of our clients have turned their garages into more efficient workspaces and places to entertain, also offering better storage potential. We know that updating your garage space can be an important investment to the overall value of your home. As experts in garage organization and more, we also want to make sure you are not only extremely satisfied with your cabinetry, closets and shelving, but also the type of garage flooring you select. Flooring has the ability to tie your entire room together!

The flooring is just as important as the style and functionality of the cabinetry you select for your garage. Do you work in your garage often, tinkering with your next project most evenings? Then a new garage configuration with only a small amount of counter space would not suit your needs. Do you have golf clubs, bikes and sports gear for every member of your family? You will probably want enclosed storage spaces or customized shelving to organize and hide those items tastefully. With flooring, it’s also important to determine what style is the best for your particular situation. We offer two options in our high-quality flooring: tile as well as polymer coating. Because clients often ask us our opinion on “what’s the best flooring for their project”, we’ve included the main differences between the two while also factoring in individual style and preference.

unspecified-3Polymer flooring. This decorative interior and exterior flooring can be used in commercial applications as well as residential ones. Perfect for high traffic areas, it’s strong and durable and used in a variety of areas. What was once used predominantly in schools, hospitals, and other institution-type applications, today it offers a “modern feel” and is quite popular in restaurants and trendy shopping boutiques. Polymer flooring is essentially a coating made with polymers that provide better adherence than paint alone, protecting your flooring from corrosion. Our flooring is water, chemical and oil resistant with a beautiful, seamless surface appearance. Easy to maintain and easy to clean, this type of flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Garage Décor & More offers polymer flooring because of its ability to withstand abrasions and be scratch resistant. The application process is just as important as the coating, and that’s why clients depend on our years of experience to help with the entire application process, from start to finish. There is more time involved in properly installing your polymer flooring, but there will be years and years of low maintenance and no-hassle benefits from choosing polymer.

Tile flooring. Tile flooring is another popular option with plenty of styles to choose from as well. We proudly use Lock-Tile Flooring, Made in the USA, and environmentally friendly. Lock-Tile flooring is made 100% from recycled materials. It’s a tough, flexible interlocking flooring system that is also used in a wide array of applications, from commercial buildings to residences. Many of our clients appreciate the convenience of a faster installation with tile flooring, as well as the ability to be used in renovations over existing flooring where high standards are necessary. Today, Lock-Tile Flooring even offers custom colors to further personalize your project!

unspecified-1Tile flooring is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality solution to your new build or renovation project. It’s easy to clean and will look great for many years to come! It’s oil and chemical resistant, however; it’s always best to clean up any spillage as they may occur. Tire marks can happen, as with any flooring, so there is even an extra coating that can be applied to Lock-Tile. Ask us for more information and we’d be happy to explain the options available.

Overall, personal taste and your budget will also play a part in which flooring is best for your particular project. Visit our photo gallery at to see the many style options available. Rest assured, both types of flooring we offer are top-quality and built to withstand the test of time. We offer free, no-hassle consultations and a guarantee that we will stand behind our products and service. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us at 618-789-7969 or by email for a no-hassle quote today. We can’t wait to help transform your space with new, durable and beautiful flooring.