Do You Have A Family Command Center?

IMG_1204It’s back-to-school time, which is the perfect time to get organized. It’s also a busy time, and staying organized will help you keep track of when soccer practice is and when ballet lessons are. You’ll need a place to keep homework and permission slips handy. You’ll need a calendar to keep track of everyone’s appointments. A family command center is the perfect solution. Here are some tips to help you get started.

What Are Your Family’s Needs?

Each family is different, and each command center will be different. You need to think about what the needs of your family are and how you are going to organize them. Think about the things you will need to keep track of on a daily basis.  Some of those things might include a family calendar, school calendar, bulletin board, checklists, phone number list, lunch and dinner menus, school permission slips, shopping lists, a personal inbox for each family member, and a spot for incoming and outgoing mail.

Pick a Spot

The perfect spot is one that each family member will pass by every single day. It could be a corner in the kitchen or a space by the back door. Either way, it needs to be the spot where everyone knows where it is. It will not work if it cannot be seen. Choose a spot in plain sight for everyone to see.

Draw Out Your Plans

Sketch your ideas on paper first. Take measurements of the space and decide if you are going to use shelves or bins to hold your things. Does each person get their own bin, or will the bins be marked for specific things? Will you install hooks for coats and jackets? Do you need a rug for muddy shoes and boots? Make a list before you go out to buy the things you need.

A Place for Everything

While your command center may be pretty, it also needs to be functional. It won’t work unless you use it. Encourage your family to use the command center by giving everyone their own space. Label your bins or baskets with names so everyone will know which one is theirs. You could also assign each person a color. This would work well with a calendar too. Each person’s appointment or schedule can be written with a different color pen or marker to keep track of who is going where and when. You could even have a bulletin board to post school lunch menus or invitations to family events.

Keep a Routine

Make it a habit to check the bins or baskets each evening and each morning so you don’t forget anything. If you check the school lunch menu the night before and realize it’s not something your child will want or like, you will have plenty of time to pack a lunch ahead of time. Keeping your family organized is a great way to avoid stress and keep track of everyone’s comings and goings. It gets busier when school starts, so now is the perfect time to create your family command center.

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