Garage Organization – Getting Ready For Spring!

iPhone 307Spring is finally here and for many of us that means spring cleaning.  The winter weather may be gone, but it has left a mess in many garages. The secret to successful garage cleaning lies in garage organization. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on your spring cleaning and garage organization.

1.  Organize

This tip may seem obvious but it is important nonetheless. Your initial sorting should be aimed toward determining what items you plan to keep, throw away, sell or donate. If you come across items you have not used in a few years, ask yourself whether you need to keep them or whether they can be donated to free up some space.

2.  Pick Up

Once your items are sorted, they need to be stored off the ground.  Keeping items off the floor creates more space and can make your garage seem bigger.  Overhead storage racks are a convenient solution for keeping your items off the ground. Bikes, rakes, and other tools or yard equipment can also be hung up using wall organization systems.

3.  Store

Plastic bins are the way to go when it comes to garage organization. Cardboard boxes are fine for temporary moves, but over time they can risk damage to the items being held inside. Additionally, winter elements can ruin cardboard boxes, which is why they need to be swapped for plastic bins and stored in overhead storage or protected in garage cabinets.Chandler Garage 039

4.  Label

Labeling your plastic bins is always a good idea when it comes to garage organization. This is an easy way to keep track of where you stored certain items. Using removable labels is also a good idea so you can keep re-using your bins.

 5.  Final Touches

For some people the final touch in garage organization could be deciding to install garage cabinets.  Garage cabinets offer a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to hide your belongings. If you are looking for something exceptional in garage organization, contur cabinets offer great style and advanced functionality.  New flooring may also be a good way to refresh your garage. Polymer flooring is a strong and durable flooring solution for high traffic areas, or choose tile for a tough and flexible flooring solution to update your garage.  Lock-tile is a high quality way to renovate industrial and residential floors.

DSCF2303Garage organization is a great way to start your spring cleaning.  Taking advantage of garage cabinets and new flooring is also a good way to aid in organizing and refreshing your garage space.

Spring is the perfect season to get all the storage areas of your home in order.  For help with your garage organization project, contact Garage Decor & More for a FREE consultation,
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