How to Get Organized for Outdoor Spring Projects

Spring is on the way and it is time to start thinking about those spring projects. Get yDSCF5185our garden shed or garage ready for your outdoor activities by using the following tips to get organized.

Gather Your Tools

Separate your tools into like groups. You can organize them in coffee cans or some other container. Consider organizing your containers on a mobile cart to help carry them around the yard. Save time by keeping the tools that you use the most in an easy-to-reach location.

Saving Space

Another way to help organize your yard tools is to utilize a sleek storage system like StoreWALL or HandiWALL in your garden shed or garage. You can hang your lighter weight tools on the slats. Once you have the tools organized the way you like, you can outline each one with a marker so you (or anyone else who may be using your tools) will know exactly where to put things away. Knowing where your favorite tools are will help you get more projects done in less time.

Utilize What You Have

If you don’t have much empty wall space to work with, try to find other areas that you can use. Look for space on shelves or in garage cabinets where you can store neatly labeled baskets or boxes for storing tools. Consider using a door hook to hang garden hoses and extension cords.

Get Rid of the Old StuffDSCF5188

Take the time to go through your old storage containers and boxes. Make sure you will actually need the tools you have in those containers. Set aside a box to put tools in that are no longer needed or broken. Getting rid of the excess clutter will help to keep your projects and the tools you use for them more organized.

Easy Weekend Yard Work

Gather the tools you use the most for your weekend yard work and put them in the corner by the entrance to your garden shed or garage. The more readily available your tools are, the less chance your yard work will feel like a chore.

Prioritize Spring Organization Projects

Remember that you do not have to do everything at once. Make a list of things you want to do and prioritize them. Start at the top of the list and work your way down.

Storing Sports EquipmentDSCF5189

If you have children, they are also undoubtedly excited to get outside when the weather warms! To keep toy clutter at bay, designate areas all of the basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and other toys when they are not being used. Label the storage areas and be sure to show your kids where their items belong.

Zone Your Garage or Garden Shed Space

Designate different areas of the garage or garden shed for your items. Put garden tools in one area, kid toys in another, and paint supplies in another. This will make things easier to find and help you get your chores done faster.

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