How an Organized Pantry Can Get You Through the Holidays

organized pantryThe changing of seasons can be an enchanting time of year. With the arrival of fall comes warm layers, bonfires, pumpkin spice, holidays and most importantly – FOOD! Pumpkin pie, roast turkey, grilled corn on the cob, gooey s’mores, and hot apple cider all call for a well-stocked – and well-organized pantry. These easy tips will help you maintain an organized pantry to best suit the holiday season.

De-clutter and Clean
You can’t maintain a space-effective pantry with expired and unnecessary items taking up valuable shelf space. Use this time to go through your pantry and throw away any expired food, donate any items you know you will not use, and remove products that don’t belong there. While the shelves are temporarily empty, wipe down and disinfect the space.

Perhaps the most important quality of a well-organized pantry is how it is sorted. It is vital to sort your pantry by like items, which may include canned goods, fresh produce, dry goods, cooking essentials, spices, etc. Keeping clear and concise categories will make finding the right item quicker and much easier, which will come in handy when making large meals for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you have children, it might be beneficial to keep a separate stash of quick snacks that they can easily reach.

After sorting your pantry into zones, it is helpful to utilize clear or metal containers to separate your categories. Large or small, shallow or deep, choose a basket that meets your needs and neatly tucks away all your food products. Here at Garage Décor and More, we have small, narrow trays that would be perfect for spices and small baking ingredients. If your pantry shelves are oddly spaced, or leave large gaps at the top and bottom, try installing one of our metal or wooden shelving units to utilize that otherwise empty space.

After placing each product in its respectful bin, label the container to make finding what you need even easier. You can use a label maker, a small chalkboard tag and chalk, or even removable paper stickers and markers. You can be as creative or straightforward as you would like with this.

Placementorganized pantry
Where you place your now neatly organized pantry goods is important to the structure and organization of your pantry. Place light-weight and rarely used items on the higher shelves. Heavier, bulky items should go on lower shelves, to protect the structural integrity of the pantry. Meanwhile, frequently used products belong on middle shelves for easy access. On each individual shelf, place items you are more likely to use towards the front.

Bonus tip: Keep a basket of party items on the top shelf for impromptu fall and holiday season entertainment. This can contain anything from disposable silverware, themed plates and napkins to candles, toothpicks, and fast-fix appetizer trays.

Be Creative
A lot of pantry space can go underutilized, so be creative in your accessory placement. Try installing one of our paper towel holders inside the pantry door for those times when spills are imminent. A file folder holder installed on the inside of the door makes storing your favorite recipes a breeze. A few message clips on the outside of the door are useful for keeping grocery lists updated. Be creative and think outside the box: this space should be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Garage Décor and More has many storage and organization solutions to help you get your pantry ready for the holidays. Or,With many finishes and designs to choose from, our custom designs are sure to fulfill all your storing needs. Every storage solution is installed by a professional and built to last. Best of all: it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty! Give us a call at (618)789-7969 or contact us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.