Ways to Get Your Craft Room Under Control

organize your craft roomIf you’re a crafter, you know that during the creating process your craft room can become a little disorganized and chaotic. A custom storage solution that is tailored to your needs can help reduce the clutter and help you to return your supplies to their designated home. That way, you will be able to find them next time. Here are a few things that might help your creativity flow.

Add Spice to Your Button Collection
You have a ton of buttons, but you’re never able to find the button you need for your current project. You can get some 3-inch spice jars, or even baby food jars, and sort your buttons out in those. That way, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You can organize by color, size, or shape.

Wrap Your Embroidery Floss
Embroidery floss is a great tool many crafters use for friendship bracelets, decorative stitching, or for counted cross stitch. It was neatly packaged, but once it’s out of the package, it can become a tangled mess. What you need is floss bobbins. You can get them at any craft store. Wrap each color around its own bobbin and label it with the color or code number. Then neatly place them in a storage box you can put on a shelf.

Sequin Storage
All those tiny sequins need a place to call home. A great thing for this is a pill box. You can organize your sequins by color or size. Glue a sample of what is in that particular box on top of the lid for easy reference. You can also use this system for beads and rhinestones.

You Need a Work StationWorkbench for a craft room
Don’t let the possibility of getting glue on your kitchen table scare you. Designate a desk or table in your craft room as your place to work. Or better yet, let Garage Décor and More install one of their custom designed work benches for your craft room. The Workbench Series offers the ultimate workbench and storage solution for your craft room or home workshop. Click here to view our cabinet options.

Wall Storage
You probably need a place to hang your scissors, rulers, paint brushes, and other crafting tools you use on a regular basis. Garage Décor and More can provide you with a Slatwall or Handiwall system perfect for hanging all of your crafting tools.

Containing the Glitter
Glitter is a terrible thing to waste. If it came in a bag instead of a container with a lid you need something to put it in. A great tool for this is a salt shaker! Get clear salt shakers, glass or plastic, and empty the bag glitter into them. You’ll be able to see what colors of glitter you have on hand, and they will be ready to sprinkle on your next project.

Gift Wrapping Station
If you are like most crafters, you probably have a ton of leftover rolls of gift wrap. If you have a closet in your craft room, why not turn it into a gift wrapping station! At Garage Décor and More, we can customize your closet with shelves and drawers to fit your exact specifications. We offer eight standard finishes and several different door styles. Let us turn your craft closet into the ultimate storage unit for your craft supplies.

Storage Solutions
Now that you have everything organized, you need a place to put it. At Garage Décor and More, we have multiple storage solutions that will fit your needs. From custom closets to Redline Cabinets and StoreWall systems, we have what it takes to Organize, Personalize and Maximize your space.

The right storage solution is waiting for you. If you have questions about organization or you would like a FREE CONSULTATION, CONTACT US today at Garage Décor and More!