Basement Storage Tips for Homeowners

basement storageBefore any big organizational project at home, it always makes sense to address and evaluate what items you may want to keep and what you don’t need anymore. If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, using this space to help de-clutter and organize can be a huge asset. If you own a basement, it’s beneficial to assess your existing storage space and organizational system to see what can be improved. Garage Décor and More can help you achieve an efficient, organized basement with some of these tips below.

De-clutter first, organize second. Sort through your belongings and decide what you want to keep, donate, sell or throw away. This process, depending on how much you own, can take a decent amount of time but it is so important to do. There is no reason to design storage space around items that you don’t even keep!

Clean. Another benefit of getting organized is you will end up cleaning some areas that may not have been “touched” in quite some time. With the cooler fall temperatures upon us, it’s an ideal time to open up some windows, breath in that fresh air, and begin the cleaning process. Get your whole family involved and the cleaning will happen more efficiently.

A basement with a purpose.  Now that you have de-cluttered and cleaned, what do you want to do? If your basement has always been a place for overflow items, decide if that is what you want moving forward. Now that you see how much extra space you have, is it time to design that home office you’ve always wanted? Maybe your basement now has the extra space to include a craft room? Garage Décor and More offers open shelving options, closet organizational systems, and beautiful, custom-made cabinets in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more.

Ways to save floor space. One of our most affordable options is to install Slatwall panels in your basement to get things off the floor and away from any water damage that can sometimes happen in basements and lower levels. Garage Décor and More offers durable and attractive slat board panels that are available in 10 different colors, complimenting any basement style and décor. Also, the panels can go over existing drywall or block walls that can totally change the overall look of your basement space. Learn more about Slatwall by clicking here.

Take advantage of storage options to accommodate all spaces. If you don’t have enough room to include another living space, office, or bedroom, that’s ok! Now that you have reorganized, take a look at that area under your stairs or the ceiling. We also offer ideas on how to utilize any storage spaces in areas of your home that may have been previously forgotten. Garage Décor and More can even install overhead racks by HyLoft that can lift those items above your head that you may not access on a regular basis. Many of our clients use overhead racks to store holiday décor and other seasonal items.

Having an organized basement can truly be a benefit when organizing your entire home. Have you been taking full advantage of your existing basement space? All of us are spending more time at home and spending some extra time to organize can be a great way to kick-off the cooler weather that’s just around the corner. Start to feel good again about your home’s basement organization and contact Garage Décor and More today. Offering free consultations, we help homeowners create useful and livable spaces within their homes. Installing custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Garage Décor and More can accommodate every need and every budget. Contact Garage Décor and More at (618) 408-1690 or visit us online at