How to Organize Your Closet When Switching Seasons

organize closet when switching seasonsWith the changing seasons, our needs at home also start to change. It may be time to put away our pool bags and bring out the fluffy, winter blankets we drape behind the back of our living room sofa to keep us warm on “movie night”. As the air becomes chilly, we all begin to also look at our summer clothing and shoes and realize it’s time to trade them for winter PJs, cozy socks, boots and sweaters.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an oversized closet that holds all of our clothing, no matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. Many of us have to transition our clothing when the seasons change. It may be time to look at your existing closet space and determine if there’s a better way to organize it. What’s the best way to maximize the space in your closet when it’s time to dress for the weather? Here are some organizational and design tips to make switching seasons easier.

It’s time to clean, sort and pitch.

When the seasons change, it’s an ideal time to revisit what you want to keep and what clothing items would be best donated or sold at a resale shop. Grab a hamper out of the laundry room and be prepared to put things into piles based on what you are donating and what needs to be washed, folded, dry-cleaned and put into storage. Did you know that washing and dry-cleaning your clothes before storing them protects them from pests when in storage? It’s true. It’s also smart to protect your clothing from pests that may damage your favorite maxi dress by using cedar blocks, sprays or herbal products in addition to cleaning the items.

Create room in your closet that you didn’t know existed.

With perfectly designed cabinets and storage shelves, hanging rods and more, Garage Décor and More will find room for every shirt or suit in your closet to make switching seasons a breeze. Our custom closet systems can accommodate all sizes and needs, offering the ideal place to store your linens or your favorite handbags. After going through your current clothing did you realize you have more space that you had originally thought? Great! Now you can use design ideas like our integrated corner shelving to maximize your storage space, and with our hassle-free no-cost consultations, you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment today.

Accessories need a home in your closet, too.

When temperatures drop, scarves, hats and gloves need a place to call “home”. Depending on the accessory and how often it’s used, it will determine where you will want to store it. For example, if you love wearing scarves to every business meeting in the fall, it will make more sense to hang the scarves in a location where they are easy to find instead of folding the scarves, hiding them away and forgetting about them. With our roll-out storage baskets, belt and tie storage racks, we can find a place for every fall and winter accessory you own.

How to store denim: a clothing staple.

Jeans are worn more than ever before, and that means most of us need to find room in our closets for a variety of styles and colors. Whether you are able to wear jeans to work or prefer to keep them in your closet just for your weekend plans, when fall arrives you’ll want the best way to store them. To accommodate your many denim selections, we can build shelves for you or recommend hanging racks for every pair you own. The best part? Whatever you decide you won’t have to worry about wrinkles or bulges in the garment since denim is so tough and the storage options offered are so versatile.

Our custom design ideas for your closet will be transformed into reality when you see the 3D design software we provide. You won’t have to guess or try to visualize what your new closet is going to look like. We also offer detailed quotes so you know exactly what the cost of your design will be. With our help, not only will you make better use of your closet space this season, but you’ll also love how easy it will be to find your favorite outfit. Want to learn more? Visit our website at or call us at (618) 408-1690.