Create an Organized Playroom Your Kids Will Love

Organized PlayroomThere are several reasons to have an organized playroom for your children. An organized playroom looks better when having guests visit your home or when hosting other play groups for your child. Organized playrooms are not only easier to clean up, but they also make it easier for your children to find their favorite toys. If you don’t have the luxury of having a playroom that is secluded from the rest of the home, the thought of keeping your child’s toys organized may seem like an undertaking too great to manage. Garage Décor and More can help you organize the playroom space with ease in any room…and it will look great, too!

Multi-purpose rooms are not always ideal when also being used as a playroom. In seconds, toys can take over the entire room! Sure, you can tuck them away in bins located under a coffee table or use a storage ottoman in the great room to easily hide favorite stuffed animals or books when a neighbor drops-in unexpectedly. However, wouldn’t it be idyllic to have a playroom designed to store all of the toys, books and craft supplies on a regular basis? Here are some of our favorite ways to organize a child’s playroom, making it easier to keep the entire home organized.

Open shelving. With open shelving, it’s easier for your child to find his or her toys and access them. We offer eye-catching open shelving in many styles and colors to match your existing décor. Powder coat colors and lightly textured finishes will complete the look of your playroom. We even offer a 3D design and a complimentary quote so you can see exactly how the room will look. If you think open shelving is the best route to take, give us a call.

Bookcases. If you have avid, young readers in your home, you will love the many design options we have for playroom bookshelves. Looking to add some fun pops of color to your playroom? There are plenty of bookshelf options to choose from at Garage Décor and More! Adding bookshelves to a playroom is a great way to encourage your children to read. They will easily be able to find their books neatly stacked and ready for their next story time session, pre-nap time or tea-time with their favorite stuffed animals.

Custom playroom cabinets. You can never go wrong with the beauty and efficiency of custom cabinets in a playroom. As your child gets older and ages out of using a playroom, custom cabinets in any room will be a perfect storage addition for your home. Cabinets that once were used to discreetly hide toys, game boards and dress up clothes can now house photo albums and seasonal décor. When you design playroom storage that suits your lifestyle for today and is constructed to last and last, your household needs will also be met in the long term.

Closet re-imagined. Even if you can’t spare an extra room in the home for a child’s playroom, sometimes a child’s closet is large enough for many of their toys and belongings. With custom cabinets, we can create extra space to accommodate your child’s toys as well as their clothing. By creating the perfect “playroom closet” space, toys will remain in the child’s bedroom area, and that can keep the rest of the house looking a little less messy. It’s also convenient for your child because their toys will be close at hand.

Our custom design ideas for playrooms, home offices and more will bring a higher level of organization to the home. If you want a perfect place to store your child’s toys when not in use, give us a call. With our help, not only will you make better use of the storage space in your home, but you’ll also love how easy it will be to find your child’s favorite toys on a regular basis. Want to learn more? Visit our website at or call us at (618) 408-1690.