Smart Tips for Maximizing Your Closet Space

maximizing closet spaceIt’s so easy to continually add to our closets, stuffing in more clothes and household supplies, and then shutting the door. If your organizational strategy is “out of sight, out of mind”, this blog isn’t for you. However; if you are tired of spending too much time trying to find your favorite blazer or that stack of your best beach towels you put in storage last season, here are some handy tips to help you create efficient and usable closet space.

When talking to friends or family about their home search, it’s not typical to hear them say, “we just aren’t interested in that home…it had too much closet space and storage.” Usually, homeowners and home hunters relish a home with plenty of closets and storage potential. We all know that over time, our possessions typically increase, along with our storage needs. Closets should be one of the most functional aspects of your home, and Garage Décor and More can help!

Not only are the custom closets we create beautiful, they are supremely designed to suit the client’s needs. If you have a smaller closet to work with in a spare bedroom, for example, we can work within that space and make better use of your storage. We can design corner shelving that maximizes your space and provide a perfect spot for purses, extra pillows and blankets, and any other bulkier items that you may need to store. Easily store, and access, those necessary items efficiently with design elements by Garage Décor and More.

Customers also tend to ask for better solutions when storing dress pants and we often recommend our pivot-out fan rack which eliminates having to hang each pair of pants individually. Easy to install, this rack allows our clients to conveniently store many additional pairs of pants, keeping them in one place and off of the closet floor. Own too many pairs of jeans to count? This pivoting rack is perfect for you.

If dirty clothes often end up lost on your closet floor for days at a time, you may want to install a space-saving hamper! Our tilt-out hamper is easily concealed and accessed because it’s mounted to a bottom-hinged cabinet. Want to remove the hamper on laundry day? Simply slide it out and take the dirty items to the laundry room. Even if your closet’s design doesn’t include cabinets, you can also ask us about our pull-out basket that can help you get the organized closet you’ve always wanted.

Garage Décor and More offer so many options to choose from, whether you like the look of a traditionally designed closet or prefer more modern elements, we have a variety of cabinet colors, styles and accessories that suits everyone’s tastes. From pull-down clothing bars to jewelry drawers, we offer free consultations so we can find out exactly what closet storage challenge may exist. We listen and pay attention to our clients, and our close attention to detail helps us create a perfect storage system that is an ideal fit for your space as well as your style.

We custom design closets for kids, in-law suites, home offices, master bedrooms and more! Offering bins, baskets, rods, cabinets and shelving, you will have a perfect place for every item you need to store. With our help, not only will you maximize your closet space, you’ll also save time and energy when organizing. Want to learn more? Visit our website at or call us at (618) 408-1690.