Making the Most of Your Existing Storage Space

existing storage spaceThere are so many ways to organize the existing storage space in your home. Whether it’s simply going through closets and donating old clothes or reorganizing your garage by installing shelves or cabinets so both cars can be parked inside, Garage Décor and More can help. No matter what room in your house needs the most TLC, we offer free consultations that offer recommendations on finding the space you need to live happily (and organized) ever-after!

Storage Tips: The Closet

Weather in the Midwest can change daily but keeping clothing for all seasons in your closet can be cluttered and disorganized. If you’re spending way too much time trying to find your favorite pair of shorts you stored away last fall, it may be time to consider a complete closet overhaul! Garage Décor and More can offer tips on making better use of a closet, offering many styles and colors of custom closet cabinetry that will not only organize the closet, but beautify it. We have perfect storage systems for any closet in your home (and any size).

The Home Office

People have been working from home more than ever before, and many clients are noticing that their home office is requiring some reorganization to suit their needs. If your extra bedroom has been haphazardly turned into an office space, or the sitting area in your master bedroom has become your “work from home” haven, we can enhance that workspace and make it better than ever. Add beautiful shelving or a cabinet to a wall to get your reference materials off the floor or add a comfortable, trendy murphy bed to the spare bedroom to accommodate your work and guest room space seamlessly. There are so many cabinetry and shelving ideas and styles available, satisfying all tastes and budgets.

The Kitchen Pantry

Garage Décor and More can help you find the extra pantry space for your kitchen that you didn’t even know you had! We are able to design a custom pantry cabinet or reconfigure your built-in pantry, depending on your preference and existing space. No matter how much (or how little) space you have, our design team will turn any cluttered kitchen pantry into one that is organized, functional, and eye-catching. Once installed, you’ll never have to go looking for that last package of toilet paper again! There’s no better way to add value to your home than by investing in your kitchen.

The Garage

Over the years, we have helped homeowners love their garages again! If you are ready to “take back” your garage space and make it organized and functional, we can help. There are so many products we offer so that a homeowner’s once cramped garage becomes roomy again, accommodating the cars it was meant to store and protect. Slatwall organizational systems, HyLoft ceiling storage and heavy-duty storage cabinets or shelving can all be incorporated into the design of your garage. Looking for a high-end, custom look? Garage floor tiles or epoxy floor coverings will tie the entire look together, weather-proofing the flooring and making your garage look great for years to come. In essence, not only can Garage Décor and More help organize your garage, we can also create a custom design that is professional andattractive.

Need tips on how to make the most of your existing storage space? Contact the experts at Garage Décor and More and one of our professional staff members can come to your home and create a personalized plan for your storage needs and budget, free of charge. Give us a call today at (618) 408-1750 to schedule your no-hassle quote, and check out our website to read customer testimonials, learn about our products, and see photos of recent projects. It’s the perfect time of year to get organized with Garage Décor and More.