The Best Ways to Organize Your Garage to Store Yard Equipment

Organize Your Garage to Store Yard EquipmentAs the spring pushes its way forward, homeowners are noticing how unorganized and cluttered their garage may have become over the winter. If you’ve never thought about investing in a storage system for your garage, now might be the best time, especially if you’ve been working from home more. Running to the hardware store to buy something you can’t find, only to discover you had it all along, hidden in your garage? Garage Décor and More can help you get organized.

There’s a variety of statistics you can find online about garages, and one stat indicates that only a mere 25% of people actually park their cars in their garage! We can speculate, but the main reason may be that their cars no longer fit in their garages anymore due to too much clutter. Garage Décor and More can help get homeowners back in their garages again! When you think about how many times your garage door is opened and closed throughout the day, wouldn’t it be nice that when your neighbors drive by and peek in that they are impressed and not depressed at what they see?

Upkeep on the exterior of the home, along with landscaping, also takes time and energy. There is a way to have it all: a lovely, landscaped yard and home along with an organized, de-cluttered garage for all of the equipment and supplies needed to keep your home looking great. When going through the items in your garage, assessing what you need and what you can relocate, here are some tips:

  • Don’t store old paint in your garage. Extreme temperatures can ruin it.
  • Have propane for that propane grill? Store outdoors to safeguard an ignition.
  • Keep pet food inside the home because you never know what rodents may sneak in when the garage door is open.

When you look around your garage, do you notice items are being “stored” on the garage floor? We can fix that! We offer Slatwall products that eliminate the need for things to pile up. Slatwall is made up of very durable PVC material and comes in a variety of colors. Made in the USA, you can store just about anything! Yard supplies like rakes and shovels, sports gear, and gardening tools all can be organized using the Slatwall system. You can even store your bikes using Slatwall. Contact us at (618) 408-1690 and we can even mail you a catalog with the many options.

Another great option for finding more room in your garage as you get ready for the upcoming nicer weather is to invest in overhead garage storage. If you are like most homeowners, there are items being stored in your garage that are hardly being used year-round. Don’t have a ski trip planned in the next several months? Maybe store your ski clothes and equipment, sleds and, related items using a ceiling rack by Garage Décor and More! Keep in mind that the equipment can easily be swapped out, depending what season it is. Over the winter months, maybe overhead storage is where you keep all of those yard and landscaping supplies that you need now?

Having a garage can truly be a benefit when organizing your home. Have you been taking full advantage of your existing garage space? All of us are spending more time at home, and garage organization can be a great way to kick-off the warmer weather that’s just around the corner. Start to feel good again about your home’s organization and contact Garage Décor and More today. With our free consultations, we help homeowners create useful and livable spaces within their homes. Installing custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Garage Décor and More can accommodate every need and budget. Contact Garage Décor and More at (618) 408-1690 or visit us online at