Getting Your Garage Ready for Summer Sports Gear

summer sports gearSo, you just fell in the garage … for the second time this week. A couple days ago, you slipped on an errant softball your daughter tossed on the floor when she got home from practice. Today, you tripped on a tennis racket. As you lay on the garage floor next to a left soccer cleat, a half deflated bike tire, and a 70’s era lawn dart, pondering life’s choices that led you to this point, you reach an inevitable conclusion: It’s time to organize the garage.

That could seem like a daunting task. Where to even begin? Luckily, we have a few tips that can help you get the sports gear in your garage sorted and stored in time for summer.

A simple and speedy solution is installing slat wall panels in your garage with accessories that can hold baseball bats, tennis rackets, shoes, balls, bicycles and more. It can affordably become the one-stop destination your family needs to find their gear before a game and keep equipment from being damaged. The versatile panels come in a variety of colors and are ideal for getting items off the ground, up on the wall, and out from under your feet, especially if space is limited in your garage.

If you’d rather have all the bats, balls, and skateboards contained out of sight, consider cabinets. Our RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets are customized for your storage needs without a designer price tag. Not only will your athletic equipment be off the floor, but so will the cabinets because they’re designed to hang. The sturdy hardware and durable powder-coated finishes are perfect for a storage space that will experience a frequent use by your sports stars.

The members of your family may be active in athletics, both for competition and for fun, all year long, so what do you do with your gear in the off seasons? Overhead storage racks in your garage are ideal for keeping equipment off the floor and out of the way when not in use but still easy to access when it’s time to swap them out. Take down the football, basketball, and hockey equipment when the seasons start and put up the spring and summer gear until next year!

Contact us at Garage Décor and More where you can find everything you will need to organize your sports gear and make your garage functional again. We can create a custom layout that will serve you for many, many sports seasons to come. Ready to transform your garage? Give us a call at (618) 408-1750 or contact us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.