Making More Space When Parents Move In

when parents move inStudies show that older parents are moving in with their adult children as they age, making up a larger component of “shared living” today than a decade ago. AARP shared a Pew Research Survey from 2018 that indicated about 31% of households in the U.S. live in a shared household. Whether it’s recent college graduates moving back in their parent’s home or the aging parents moving in with their adult children, about 79 million adults are now part of the shared living phenomenon.

What if your existing living space can’t accommodate a parent (or two) moving in with you? In many cases, using some imagination and planning can make the transition work well for a variety of different home sizes and layouts. A key element for successful “shared living” is that the reorganization plan offers everyone under the same roof a little bit of privacy. Living in too cramped of quarters can indeed cause stress. Or, maybe you have the room but just need to reorganize your belongings to make things work? Garage Décor and More can help define what the best custom solution may be, making room for everyone.

Converting an office. Because it’s important that your parents have a space to call “their own,” if you have an office it may make sense to repurpose it into a bedroom. Some open office spaces in homes will require that a door be added for privacy. Garage Décor and More can also visit your home to find out the best way to create usable closet space that may not currently exist in your office. The best part? All of our consultations are complimentary. Need to turn that office into a bedroom retreat? We can help.

If you really can’t afford to give up that office space, Garage Décor and More also builds beautiful murphy beds that can be seamlessly designed and installed into any room of the home. Learn more about custom murphy bed walls and cabinetry by visiting our website here.

Making room in the basement. Sometimes, the solution is right under your nose! If you have unused space in your basement (or if it’s only being used for storage), it may make perfect sense to create your parent’s retreat downstairs. If the basement is currently being used mainly for storage, consider donating or selling any items you aren’t using or haven’t used in months.

Garage Décor and More can help offer recommendations on the best ways to turn your basement space into a parent’s bedroom and/or living area.

Of course, there are other things to consider if you are adding a bedroom to a downstairs living space.

  • Are there two forms of exit in case of fire or emergency?
  • Does a bathroom need to be constructed if one does not already exit?
  • As your parent’s age, will the stairs become a problem?

If you currently have an unfinished basement, adding a bedroom could be a significant investment. However, the benefits of adding a basement living space include giving your parents more privacy as well as more independence. It could potentially make the “shared living” experience an easier adjustment for everyone involved.

Living with your parents can be challenging, especially if you have children underfoot, too. Let Garage Décor and More help you create a livable space for every family member in the home, including parents or in-laws. Installing custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Garage Décor and More can accommodate every need and budget. Contact Garage Décor and More at (618) 408-1690 or visit us online at