Out Of Storage? Time To Look Up!

hyloft storageThings are looking up when it comes to storage options this year! If you need more room in your home for those oversized or overflow items, Garage Décor and More can help. We offer Hyloft® storage that can be customized for attics, garages and basements. If you’ve already converted your wall space and closets into more storage, it may be time to look up and install an innovative HyLoft® storage product.

With HyLoft®, you will achieve more available space that’s safe, secure, and easy to access. Many of our clients take advantage of the tall ceilings in their garages, making room for those items that they access on a regular basis on shelf space, closets and racks. Ceiling storage space is ideal for seasonal items that don’t require regular use or access. When you take advantage of using the extra ceiling space in your garage, you’ll be excited to find new storage out of previously unused areas in your home or business, too!

The safe and heavy-duty ceiling storage racks by HyLoft® come in a variety of sizes. Do you simply need a small space to store your ski gear that you only use once or twice each year? You may only need a 36” x 36” storage unit that can be conveniently installed in a corner of your garage. Even smaller options are available, perfectly sized to store items from your latest trip to Sam’s or Costco. HyLoft® storage bins hang securely from the ceiling and have open sides, so it’s easy to see what you’ve stored for accessing later.

Depending on what you need to store, HyLoft® can accommodate various weights too. From 150 lbs. evenly distributed to up to 600 lbs., its durable steel and scratch resistant powder coat finish looks good and will last. The shelves are also height adjustable. Another handy feature with HyLoft® are the add-on hooks that can be hung from the shelving, offering even more options for your home or office storage.

Garage Décor and More can also install HyLoft® in your basement or attic space, depending on your needs. We offer free consultations and are able to consult with you on your ideas and offer our home storage solutions for every room in the house. With HyLoft®, you’ll realize how easy it is to add key space to your home and then ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this before?” Let Garage Décor and More help you expand the storage in your home today!

It’s a brand new year! Isn’t it time to get organized? We offer customized storage items for any closet, basement space, garage, or office. When you are looking for quality paired with good looks, our custom organizational systems can turn your existing home into a hub that’s free of clutter! Contact us to learn more about our storage options for your home and to set up a hassle-free consultation. Call us at (618) 789-7969 or visit our website at http://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.