How to Best Organize Your Garden and Tool Shed

organize tool shedWithout a doubt, a well-organized garden and tool shed can save you time. You will never have to waste time again looking for a particular tool. You won’t have to move things around to find what you are looking for. You also won’t be spending extra money to replace those gardening gloves you can’t find. Keep reading for tips on how to best organize your garden and tool shed.

Hoses Need Help
Like a lot of people, you have probably tripped over a garden hose. Keep that hose from being a tripping hazard by wrapping it on a large hook. Select a large hook with a steep angle to help keep the hose in its designated spot on the wall. You can hang it inside or outside your shed.

Keep Your Most-Used Tools Handy
Attach a sturdy tool hanger to the inside of your shed door to free up your walls for shelves and a potter’s bench. Long-handled tools are best stored out of the way, but they still need to be accessible when you have a need for them.organize tool shed

Shelves Are a Good Investment
Adjustable shelves will give you better flexibility to match the height of your shelves to the size of your tools and gardening equipment. At Garage Décor and More, we can design a shelf system that will fit your space perfectly.

Magnets Are Magic
Magnetic strips can work well for hanging metal gardening tools like pruning shears, hedge clippers, and trowels. Make sure you choose a magnet you can hang on the wall that is strong enough to hold your tools. This way, they will always be within easy reach.

A Potting Bench is a Must
Make room in your shed for a potting bench. You can repot or plant your flowers in your favorite pot even when you can’t be out in the yard due to bad weather. You can keep your bags of fertilizer and potting soil dry by storing them under your potting bench. Let Garage Décor and More design the perfect potting bench for your garden and tool shed.

Portable Tool Carrier
You probably have a lot of small tools you use every time you are working in the yard. You can get a small basket or bucket to keep those tools in such as your spade, trowel and gardening gloves. When you are done, just hang your basket on a hook in your shed.

Planting Calendar
Certain things need to be planted at a certain time. Keep track by hanging a ribbon in your shed for each month. Label each ribbon with a marker. Use clothes pins to attach seed packets to the month they need to be planted in. It’s a great way to keep track of what needs to be planted when and it keeps your seed packets organized.

You Need a Sink
To make clean-up easier or just filling your watering can easier, have a sink installed in your shed. You’ll be able to clean up before going back into your house. You can also water your plants you just potted before taking them out to the yard.

Make Use of Your Walls
At Garage Décor and More, we can install a Slatwall system that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Slatwall systems are strong and durable. With this system, you can add various kinds of hooks, bins, baskets and shelves to hold all of your tools and gardening supplies. Here are just a couple of examples of how a wall system can be of benefit to you.

organize tool shedIn this particular case, there was a storage shed with a lawnmower. The shed had unfinished walls and stuff laying around all over the place. Along with the riding mower and gardening tools, there were also a lot of other items that really needed a home. The best way for these items to be stored was to maximize the space by going vertical. We purchased a heavy-duty gorilla rack and used wire shelving to fit around the lawn mower. With this design they can still get the mower in and out of the shed and still have room for shelf storage above. On the other side of the shed Slatwall was used to hang miscellaneous garden tools. We also made the space more inviting by installing electricity to provide light and an outlet for charging portable tools or for using extension cards across the yard.

In the garden shed, there was stuff just laying around and garden tools were stuffed into trash cans. It was very difficult to pull out the tool you wanted without pulling other stuff out with it. A Slatwall system was ideal for this situation. We used various hooks and baskets to take advantage of the vertical space. This freed up floor space for the things that you couldn’t hang like push mowers, seed spreaders, and wheelbarrows. The space is now user-friendly and no longer a danger to walk into. You can actually walk into the room and see what you are looking for.

At Garage Décor and More, we can install your workbench, slatwall system, or shelving system to provide you with many years of useful storage space. CONTACT US today for a FREE CONSULTATION.