Three Ways to Get Your Garage Summer Ready

garage summer readyIt’s getting close to summer. That means it’s time to get to those projects you’ve been putting off or to start making plans for your summer outings. If your garage is your work space, it helps to have it organized and ready to tackle the season. If you can’t find your beach chairs, how can you go to the beach?  Here are three ways to help get your garage summer ready.

Organize by Season
It’s important to have a clean garage. You do so much more than park your car there. However, cleaning it isn’t enough. You need to organize it. If you don’t have a designated place for certain items, your garage can quickly become chaos. One great idea is to sort your stuff by seasons. If you decide to sort your stuff in bins, you can use different colored bins for different seasons. For example, you can use a yellow bin for your summer stuff or an orange bin for fall items. If you don’t organize by color, you can label each bin with the name of the season and store them in a certain order on the shelf.

Maximize Your Space
If you are sorting by season, you will want to keep the stuff you aren’t currently using up and out of the way, like the winter bin or the fall bin. A great way to keep those seasonal bins out of the way is to let Garage Décor and More install and overhead storage system. Our overhead storage racks are a great way to add additional storage space to your garage to store your out of season items.

For the items you use on a regular basis, a great choice would be our Redline Cabinets. You can pick from our Workbench Series or our Slimline Series. Both styles hang on the wall and feature our “gator tough” powder-coated finishes. These finishes outperform paint and laminate and carry a lifetime warranty. You can choose from over ten different colors. Please go to our website to see all of the cabinet features available.

Another way to use your wall space for storage is by having us install our StoreWALL system. StoreWALL is the latest in storage and organization. You will have easily accessible storage at your fingertips. StoreWALL is ideal for your garage with a full range of accessories including storage for your tools, gardening tools, and sports equipment. StoreWALL is incredibly strong and waterproof. Please see our website for more information.

While you’re adding your new shelves and cabinets, how about taking your garage to the next level? You could have the walls finished and painted, update the lighting, and have one of our polymer floor systems professionally installed. Then top that off by installing baseboards to cover up the ragged drywall edge at the bottom of the wall.

Declutter Your Garage
Part of getting organized and maximizing your space is to declutter. Throw out old and damaged items or items than are no longer of use to you. Recycle anything you can. You can also donate the items you don’t want that are still in good working condition. If you have been decluttering other parts of the house to get ready for summer and you have some useful items, you can donate those as well. If you are getting rid of old paint cans or oil cans, please dispose of them properly.

At Garage Décor and More, we can help you have the most organized garage in your neighborhood. Weather it’s an overhead storage system, cabinets, or wall organization we are here to help. CONTACT US today for a FREE CONSULTATION