Deliverance From A Disorganized Dungeon

scary-basement3BASEMENTS – Many homes have them, especially here in the Midwest, but they often get a bad rap for being dark and scary.  Add a pile of imprisoned clutter to the mix, and the basement becomes even more ominous.

Space is precious; so don’t let the useable square footage beneath your home go to waste!  Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, clever design and quality organization solutions can help maximize underground potential.

Uncover Buried Treasure

Basements are often used to store items like:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal recreation gear (skis, bikes, camping equipment, pool toys, etc.)
  • Old furniture
  • Broken electronics or appliances
  • Outgrown kids’ clothes and toys

You may have items hiding in the basement that have been completely forgotten.  Once you start digging through the mess and taking inventory of everything, you can assess the value of all your possessions.  Maybe you can get creative and salvage an old table with a coat of spray paint, or maybe you’ll just cash-in on some items that can be sold at a yard sale or on Craigslist.  Either way, there is probably some worth to be found underground.

Devise a Plan

In order to make the most appropriate use of the space, you’ll need to take into consideration the condition of your basement.  Many homes have unfinished basements that tend to get wet after heavy rains.  If this is the case for your basement, you’ll want to make sure items kept in storage there will be off the floor.  Great organization options such as sturdy shelves and versatile wall systems can really maximize the useable area of an unfinished basement.  You can also use your organization session as an opportunity to plan for emergencies.  In case of a tornado or other disaster, your basement may be the safest place in your home.  You can visit for emergency preparedness information and tips.

If your basement stays dry enough to be finished, the possibilities are really limitless.  Smart design and functional storage solutions can help you transform your formerly dingy dungeon into a clean and comfortable extension of your home.  What will you do with the extra space?  You could carve out a quiet home office or have some fun designing a personalized “man cave.”  A basement also makes a great place for a kids’ playroom where toys can easily be corralled.   Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the naturally cooler climate of a basement with a home gym, or you could design the space for entertaining guests.

Need an Accomplice?

If you open the basement door and just can’t see the light through the clutter, I can help.  Not everyone has the time or the patience to seek out the potential in buried spaces.  Even fewer people actually enjoy a solid organization session the way I do.  I can help transform your basement from daunting to delightful.

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