Dog Days of Summer- Time to Clean a Nice Cool Closet

Jokerst 005When the blazing summer sun is beating down outside, take a break from the heat and use the opportunity to retreat to your cool, air conditioned closet and get some cleaning done. Clutter can make you feel claustrophobic, but having a clean closet will promote serenity when you come inside from the hot sun. Here are a few tips to help clean and organize your closet during the dog days of summer.

Start With Your Biggest Obstacle

What is the biggest problem with your closet? Do you have dirty clothes lying all over the floor? Try keeping a hamper in your closet or installing a space-saving tilt-out hamper or double hamper to keep clothes off the floor. Do you feel rushed in the morning because you cannot find the clothes you need? Establish specific areas for different articles of clothing using closet accessories such as a pull-out pant rack and tie rack.

Sort, Donate, and Trash

Of course, cleaning your closet involves organizing your clothes. This can be done by sorting clothes into seasons and then sorting them by style. While you are going through each item of clothing, you will need to decide whether you are keeping it, donating it, or trashing it. To decide what to do with your clothes, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Have you worn it in the past year
  3. Is it damaged?
  4. Do you plan to wear it again at some point?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then the clothes need to be donated or trashed depending on their condition

Set a Time Limit

Jokerst 007You are not going to feel very motivated to clean your closet if you know it is going to take all day. You might not have the time or it might just not be how you want to spend your day. This is why we suggest scheduling 60 minutes, or two 30-minute sessions per week to focus on cleaning out your closet. Ideally you should save the task for the days when it is simply too hot to enjoy the summer weather outside. That way you can appreciate being able to spend time in a nice cool closet while you clean.

Create Incentives

Cleaning your closet can be a big undertaking, so make sure to reward yourself for your hard work. That could mean investing in a completely new closet system to make cleaning easier next time or just updating your closet organization with some new closet accessories.

Maintain the Organization

If you keep up with the new organization of your closet you should never have to make time for a “big clean” again. A clean and organized closet can easily be maintained by dedicating just 15 minutes per week to keeping up with your closet. Custom closet systems and certain closet accessories make it even easier to maintain the organization in your closet.

Extreme summer heat is a perfect excuse to stay cool inside and clean your closet. To streamline your closet and make organization easier, contact Garage Décor and More for a FREE consultation, or call 618-789-7969.

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