Storage at Your Fingertips: The Beauty and Versatility of StoreWALL

My beautiful pictureOrganization may not come naturally for many people; but fortunately, there are many simple ways to calm the chaos and learn to organize with ease. Just adding an extra hook or shelf to the wall can help you keep the clutter to a minimum by making organization effortless. StoreWALL is a versatile type of re-engineered Slatwall that promotes organization for almost any use in any room.


Using StoreWALL to Organize Your Garage Workspace

Having all of your tools in your garage organized and within reach can make completing any project easier.

  • Workbench

You can use a large StoreWALL shelf to double as a workbench. This is really convenient because it is large enough to be used as a work space but small enough to save room.

  • Tool Holder

A small StoreWALL shelf ledge can be used as a makeshift tool holder. All you have to do is drill holes in the shelf and then you can store your most frequently used tools, like screwdrivers, for easier access.

  • Baskets

StoreWALL baskets and bins provide an excellent solution for keeping clutter off the ground. Tools, cords, and cans can all be stored in baskets for convenience and safety.


StoreWALL in the Laundry Room15in-shelf-with-Cleaners-copy

We all need clean clothes, so we all need to do laundry. StoreWALL makes it easy to organize your laundry room for a better laundry experience.

  • Detergent Shelf

You can use a StoreWALL shelf to keep detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets out of the way and in a convenient, easy-to-reach place.

  • Ironing Board Hook

Ironing boards, brooms, and mops can be kept off of the ground for a cleaner space and easier access with StoreWALL hooks. These hooks also double as a place to hang laundry items that need to air-dry.

  • Missing Sock Basket

Most of us just accept that our dryers eat socks, but some of us have not given up hope and want to reunite those lone socks. You can use a storeWALL basket to store those single socks while you wait for their partner to (hopefully) show up.


StoreWALL Solutions for Craft RoomscraftMain

Craft rooms are notorious for clutter whether you are an avid scrapbooker or just need a designated area for gift-wrapping supplies.

  • Box Shelves

StoreWALL shelves can be used to create storage space for boxes, craft paper, canvases, books, or any other materials you want to keep stored off the ground.

  • Wrapping Paper Holders

For most of us, using, cutting, and storing wrapping paper is a pain, but it does not have to be that way. By using two hinged StoreWALL paper towel holders, you can fashion a wall mount for all of your wrapping paper or other rolled craft paper.

  • Craft Supply Hooks

You can store scissors, tape, ribbon, string, and wire in plain view on the wall with StoreWALL single hooks.

The convenience and versatility of StoreWALL allows the system to help organize nearly any room in your home or business. It can be installed in your attic, basement, kitchen, closets, pantries, cabinets, garden shed, or storage unit. The possibilities truly are endless.

Experience storage at your fingertips with StoreWALL today. Contact Garage Décor and More, or call 618-789-7969 for a FREE consultation on how StoreWALL can add a little more organization to your home or business.