Bringing Home Baby – How to Organize the Nursery

Amazing-Spaces-Baby-Closet-Organized-After-If you are preparing for a new baby or just getting settled in with your bundle of joy, then you know how much thought needs to go into planning the baby’s room. Decorating the nursery is often one of the first things couples start to work on when they are expecting, so here are a few things to remember to help you keep the space tranquil and organized for your little one.

Bibs and Bloomers

That pile of bibs and large stock of Onesies will all need a home in your baby’s room. A dresser with drawers will help you keep clothes organized and neatly stored. If you have limited space in the room, but have a good-sized closet, a custom closet system could be a perfect solution.

When you’re registering for your baby shower or making your own purchases, remember to get some small hangers for those tiny clothes. You’ll also want to grab an organizer for hats, bows, little shoes, and any other accessories. A hanging shoe organizer with clear plastic pockets is one option for these items.

Laundry Patrol

Messes WILL happen, so be prepared! Have a hamper close to your diaper changing area in the baby’s room. You can find plastic or fabric hampers in most stores that sell items for the home. Look for a hamper with a washable liner to make cleanup easier when things get really messy.

Welcome to Toy Land

Toys can create clutter in any room. Look for a sturdy, child-safe bin with a large capacity to contain your baby’s larger playthings. You might be amazed how many toys you can accumulate over a short period of time, so plan on sorting through your toy chest at least once a year. Throw away toys that are broken, and sell or give away toys that will no longer be used.

In addition to a toy chest for larger toys, stackable bins that can be labeled are great for smaller items such as building blocks, dolls, and art supplies. Stuffed animals are another category that can accumulate quickly, so have a designated area to store all plush

Make Space for Play

Make the most of the floor space in your baby’s room by investing in a wall storage system. Products such as StoreWALL and Slatbox can keep frequently used items in easy reach for you, without taking up baby’s precious play space. Wall storage is also ideal above a changing table or wherever you plan to do diaper changes.   Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, medications, ointments, and other similar items should be kept out of baby’s reach, but should be easily accessible for you.

Tuck and Cover

Items that will not be used as frequently can easily be stored in the space under the baby’s crib. If you have a crib skirt as part of the bedding ensemble, it will hide the storage bin and keep it out of site. This is a great place to store extra sheets, seasonal items like swimming toys, or clothes that are either too big or too small right now.

Story Time

Reading to your baby at an early age is a great way to bond and to encourage your child’s imagination. Find a sturdy bookshelf that can be anchored to the wall. This will prevent an accident if your baby ever tries to climb on it. Add a reading lamp and a comfortable chair to the room to create a serene space where you and your baby can read before bedtime.

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