Making Room for Holiday Guests

Young Man Moving SofaIt’s that time of year again! As the holidays quickly approach, many of us will prepare our homes to welcome relatives and friends from near and far. Is your home ready for guests? If not, then save yourself from last-minute stress by starting your preparations now.

This blog has many tips to help you clean and declutter just about every room in your home, including:


Home Office


Laundry Room

Kids’ Rooms

Craft Rooms

Home Gym



Drop Zones


When you feel like your everyday life is under control, you will be able to enjoy time with friends and family in your home during the holidays that much more. For help preparing your home for your next gathering, read on for additional tips.

Plan Ahead to Control Guest Clutter

Remember that holiday guests will probably be bringing much more than just themselves into your home. Coats, shoes, bags, dishes, gifts; these are all items that will need to be kept somewhere. Be sure to have a designated place for guests to set down or hang their belongings when they arrive. Clear out a coat closet or plan on using an empty room to keep items from cluttering up the main living area.

To keep floors clean, be sure to have a nice large rug for guests to wipe their shoes on when they enter your home. Also, make sure your garbage can, sink and dishwasher are all empty and clean when guests arrive so that you can stay on top of trash and dishes to keep the kitchen tidy throughout the day.

Arrange Furniture for Comfort and Conversation

If your home has bulky furniture or crowded rooms, consider moving some items out of the main social areas when hosting a party. Your guests will be more comfortable if they can move freely around your home. This is especially important in your dining room, as people will need to be able to get around the table easily while others are seated. You might also want to rearrange furniture in conversation areas so that your guests can easily mix and mingle. Be sure to provide plenty of seating and clean surface areas for setting drinks or other items.

Prepare for Overnight Guests

Will you need to provide sleeping accommodations for out-of-town guests? If you are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom reserved just for such occasions, give the room a good dusting, clear some space in the closet or in a couple of drawers for unpacking, wash all the bedding and window coverings, and set out fresh bath towels for your guests. A bench or chair is nice for keeping luggage off of the floor. You may want to add some special touches like fresh flowers and a welcome basket with bottled water, snacks and reading material.

If you do not have a room that is always designated for guests, plan ahead to use space in another room of your home that will still be comfortable and give your overnight guests some privacy. An air mattress or futon in a home office can be very nice, as long as the room is clean and uncluttered. Again, fresh linens and a thoughtful guest basket are perfect ways to make your visitors feel warm and welcomed.

Finishing Touches: Cleanliness and Safety

A day or two before you plan to host guests, give your home a thorough cleaning. Dust all surfaces, run the vacuum over all carpets, sweep and mop hard floors, and wash all the bathrooms and mirrors in the house. The morning before guests arrive, be sure to sweep all walkways outside and try to remove anything that could be a trip hazard for young children or elderly adults in your home, such as loose rugs or electrical cords.

Relax and Enjoy the Season!holiday guests

If you plan ahead, the days and hours leading up to your open house will be much less stressful and you will be better able to enjoy time with your loved ones.

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