Downsizing Dilemma: What Will You Do with All the Stuff You’re Keeping?

downsizingWhen downsizing, it’s more important than ever to be organized and know the best ways to store your belongings. For empty-nesters wanting a smaller home footprint or families deciding to simplify their lives with a smaller home and fewer expenses, the thought of downsizing may be stressful after years of adding to your household collections. Coming up with a plan before you downsize will help alleviate the stress and make the transition an easier one.

The foundation for downsizing efficiently is planning ahead. At Garage Décor and More, we are able to visit your new space and determine ways to alleviate stress when you move. Does the new home have fewer closets? We offer free consultations that include ways to maximize your closet spaces, offering high-quality brands like Redline for master bedrooms and Contur Cabinets for garage solutions.

Your new home will offer new lifestyle options! It might make sense to donate and sell some items that you may have forgotten about, gathering dust in your spare bedroom or attic. If your grown children have been storing their childhood memories in your existing home, it’s time to let them know you are moving into a smaller space and they need to collect their belongings before they are tossed or donated. There are many benefits to downsizing, and one main benefit is that “less stuff” means a simpler lifestyle. Garage Décor and More can help store the items you do want to keep in a logical and efficient manner.

Taking everything you currently own to the new house and thinking you’ll “figure it out” after the move can be extremely stressful. Every nook and cranny may be spoken for when downsizing, so it just makes sense to de-clutter before the move. As expert organizers, we can help determine the best place to put your new desk and options on using your one-car garage to its fullest potential. Our always free consultations give you, the new homeowner, an opportunity to discuss any downsizing dilemma you may have. We will be able to offer suggestions and show you samples of our completed work, take measurements, and create a fully customized design that will work for you.

We have a wide-selection of products to help organize your new space. We can also offer suggestions on things you can do to make the most of your downsizing. Creative concepts like storing items underneath the beds in your bedrooms and installing Hyloft overhead storage racks in your garage for the items that you don’t need on a regular basis or use seasonally may be an option. Smart storage solutions will be the key to a happy, stress-free and downsized lifestyle, and Garage Décor and More has a long list of products that will make your life easier.

Another handy tip about downsizing into a smaller home is to invest in “quality products over quantity”. If you decorate your new home with unique, quality pieces, like a custom dining table or a statement coffee table, it will look better overall. Don’t try and squeeze too many pieces into smaller rooms in your attempt to downsize. It’s also a great idea to use pieces of furniture that can be repurposed. For example, purchase nightstands with storage capabilities and footrests that can also be used as extra seating. Durability is also key when living in smaller spaces, and Garage Décor and More offers products with durable materials homeowners need to thrive in their busy lives.

Getting organized for your brand new, downsized lifestyle will be a breeze with Garage Décor and More! Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Give us a call to set up your free consultation and to see first-hand why people rave about our personalized service. Start life’s new adventurein the right way and give Garage Décor and More a call at (618) 789-7969 or visit us online at