Tips to Organize the Bedroom

tips to organize your bedroomIs your bedroom a relaxing place, offering you a peaceful haven for reading, sleeping and to enjoy personal space at the end of a long day? If you sometimes find your bedroom gets messy and disorganized, and your place of tranquility is causing you stress, it may be time to call Garage Décor and More so we can assist you in a “re-organization overhaul.” Not only can we help in closet organization, we can offer tips to organize the bedroom, too. A free consultation with us can help create the bedroom of your dreams!

When trying to get your bedroom organized, the first step is always using your closet to its fullest potential. Whether we simply add shelving to an existing closet or do a complete custom cabinetry overhaul by Redline Closet Systems, we can maximize your existing closet space. Still need a more organized bedroom? Here are some other tips.

Minimalistic thinking helps when organizing the bedroom. Before re-organizing any space,we recommend deciding what you really need and what may need to be repurposed or donated. If too much clutter causes you unnecessary stress, it’s best to keep that clutter out of the bedroom since it’s a place you go to when you want to sleep, relax and unwind. The bedroom space, overall, should be a private escape and one that brings you peace and harmony.

Have corner space? Create shelving or a desk! Have a corner spot that may be too small for a dresser or an armchair? It may be an ideal space for a decorative plant or small desk. At Garage Décor and More, we can create custom shelving based on your personal taste. We offer quality cabinetry and shelving by Redline, turning that corner into a more usable space in your bedroom. With shelving, you can place your favorite books, photos and knick-knacks clearly on display and off the floor.

We can create a “bedroom nook” to supplement existing closet space. Even if you’ve already updated your closet space with us but find that you still need more room, we can turn any available wall space into a nook…a place to store additional clothing, shoes and more. Let us visit your home and figure out the best place to create a storage nook to satisfy even the pickiest homeowner. Your nook will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your room’s décor and architecture.

Use “smart furniture” to store your belongings. If you have a small bedroom and not a lot of storage space, instead of purchasing a padded headboard for your bed select one with storage options instead. At Garage Décor and More, we can offer many suggestions on storage solutions that will enhance your bedroom storage space without sacrificing your room’s beauty. Many homeowners also use footboards for storage and under-bed storage to increase their bedroom’s usability.

We have also installed custom wall-beds for clients wanting a space-saving and efficient option for their bedroom. With a wall-bed, your bedroom is transformed from a bedroom to a guest space to an office in seconds! Have you always dreamed of a workout room but didn’t think you had enough space? With a wall-bed, you have the option to make your extra room one with superior multi-tasking abilities! Our wall-beds look like a beautiful piece of custom furniture, use regular mattresses for your utmost comfort, and come in sizes from twin to queen.

At Garage Décor and More, you pick the style and features you like and we’ll design the rest. We can offer the best suggestions for organizing your bedroom, optimizing its space and creating a place you look forward to retreating to at day’s end. When you are looking for quality paired with good looks, our custom organizational systems can’t be beat. Contact us to learn more about our organizational options for your bedroom and to set up a hassle-free consultation. Call us at (618) 789-7969 or visit our website at