Finding More Storage Space in Your Home

Finding more storage spaceAt Garage Décor and More, we know that over time any size home or garage can be maxed out on space! As we collect new clothing, hobbies, and as our family grows, the once spacious home with plentiful closets and storage can begin to seem cluttered and disorganized. Guess what? You are not alone! Garage Décor and More assists clients with creative ways to reorganize any space in your home, helping you love where you live once again. Check out these handy tips from Garage Décor and More!

Only keep the items you need and want.

Sounds simple, right? Most of the time when we assist clients with their home’s organization, we find that their house is filled with items they don’t even use or in some cases, even want. Garage Décor and More offers free consultations for clients, and our quality products can be utilized in spaces of all sizes. It’s important to first decide what items in your home need to be organized and going through your “stuff” is the first place to start. Have items you don’t need or want anymore? Either donate, sell or throw those items away.

Take a look at vertical storage.

What is vertical storage? Well, that’s unused wall space in your garage or your home. This untapped potential for organizing is prime real estate space! If you have a bare wall in your garage, there are many ways to use that space with either slatwall panels or cabinets. Slatwall panels are wonderful for tools, open shelving or baskets, creating a custom look for your garage or even a workshop in the basement. When you take items off of your floor, you are creating more space and taking advantage of the many smart storage solutions we offer.

We even offer Hyloft storage for the garage, which places items you only use seasonally safely above your head. Think about how life changing it would be to move all of that holiday décor out of the closet playroom or basement storage room and onto a Hyloft system? Garage Décor and More has solutions that are not only functional, but also attractive, going beyond garage storage.

Choose the right storage solution for your needs.

“Do-it-yourselfers” beware…it’s really important to double and triple check the space you have if you’re trying to create more shelving or storage for your unique space. It’s not enough to simply measure the outside of a cabinet, for example. You need to measure its inside walls if adding racks or shelves. Letting Garage Décor and More take the lead with the best storage solution for your space takes the guesswork out of your project. Plus, we only offer the best quality storage options for our clients, ensuring that whatever you decide will look good, be built to last and be professionally installed.

Getting those closets or wall spaces in your garage organized is easy when you contact Garage Décor and More! We have cabinets, shelving and specialty solutions that fit in tight corners, maximizing your existing space so you can create more room for things you love and use often. Our custom solutions fit your lifestyle and your needs, going beyond what the big box stores offer.

As we kick off a new year, start thinking about the best way to utilizing each and every room of your home. Need some help organizing? That’s what Garage Décor and More is for! We’ve been creating beautiful, functional spaces for years. Give us a call at (618) 407-1750 or check out our gallery of information online at