3 Ways to Organize Your Garden Tools and Get Ready for Summer

Organize Your Garden ToolsSummer is around the corner and, for so many of us, that means it is time to be outside in our gardens! What’s the problem? Well, like a bear packing on pounds to hibernate for the winter, we humans tend to pack our garages with tools, boxes, and outdoor furniture. Our garages become so disorganized that we often lose track of the singular tool we need. So, how do we avoid the dreaded question of “where are my shears?” Well, here are three things you can do to organize your gardening tools.

  1. Spring cleaning

This might seem simple, but the easiest way to prevent yourself from losing tools in the future is to have fewer tools. How many seasons have gone by since you last used that trowel? What about that old spading fork? Do you have any tools that can do the job of two? It doesn’t help anyone to hold onto things you won’t use. Instead, clear out the clutter by donating what you don’t use to a local second-hand shop. There are a lot of people out there who might feel lucky to find your old treasure.

  1. Invest time in containers and labels

If you really don’t want to waste your time digging through every tool in the shed, then consider taking the time to pack everything away in boxes and labeling them for use or occasion. Beautiful weather is fleeting. You don’t want to waste time looking for the right tool for the job. Investing in containers for your garage or shed can help you keep order year-round. Then, taking the time to label those boxes for the situation you’d need them, or even the full list of what they contain, can help when it comes to quickly finding the tool for the job. If you are really ready to get organized, consider garage cabinets over containers and boxes. A professional, free consultation can tell you all you need to know about the project and help you envision your garage’s full potential!

  1. Look into a better organization system for the future

While shelves are great, they can quickly become a problem of their own. Shifting things around, putting them back in a hurry, and having others borrow and put away your tools can lose any semblance of your past organization. Is there a solution? Well, this is where slatwalls come in.

Why store everything away in boxes, or hard-to-reach shelves in your garage when you could have a unique place, flat against the wall for each item? Not only will it save time looking for exactly what you need, but you can organize the wall however is best for you based on the season, the occasion and the size. Try different ways and find what works! After all, it is your wall.

Helping you cut out the clutter is what we are here for! If you are interested in a free, easy consultation with Garage Décor and More, give us a call at (618) 408-1690 or check out our gallery of information online at https://www.garagedecorandmore.com. Remember, gardening season is right around the corner!