Spring Cleaning Tips from Garage Décor and More

spring cleaningOver the past year, we have all been home more. More time at home can often mean more messes! This spring, it may be time to start thinking about deep cleaning to freshen up the home, create a clean and safe germ-free environment for your family, and to also get organized. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, spring cleaning can also be particularly beneficial. Here are some spring-cleaning tips that will help also in your home’s organization.

Planning makes perfect.

Most likely, the spaces where your family spends the most time will need the most attention. Take a look at every room in your home and focus on each room at a time. By having a plan in your spring-cleaning routine, it will be easier to tackle each task effectively. Do you find that your kitchen counters are cluttered and overwhelmed with items? Garage Décor and More can help you find storage potential in your cabinets and pantry for those items. We create custom pantries and cabinetry that offer wonderful storage options!

De-clutter rooms from top to bottom.

As you spring clean from room to room, it’s recommended that you clean from the top (ceiling) down (floor). Think of what happens when you clean a dusty ceiling fan or tall bookcase. The dust will fall and spread throughout the rest of the home. After starting from the top, move down to vacuuming furniture, ottomans, end tables, pillows and more, finishing with the flooring. When you clean from top to bottom, it will save spring cleaning time so you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather sooner.

Bathroom spring cleaning tips.

As you are going from room to room to clean, it’s also a perfect time to declutter. Throw away any old or unused make-up, medication or forgotten personal hygiene items in the cabinets and wipe down interior and exterior shelves and cabinetry. This is also the perfect time to purchase a new shower curtain, decide on purchasing new rugs or accessories for the bathroom, and figuring out if additional storage space may benefit your organizational needs moving forward. Also, to help with excess moisture in the bath, a new bath vent can cut back on odors and vapors found in the bathroom.

Clean and organize the garage.

Cleaning and organizing the garage can also be helpful for your entire home’s spring-cleaning plan! Have you found that over the winter your garage has become messy and disorganized? Make sure to include cleaning the garage because it’s often an area of the home that is seen by visitors, guests and people passing-by. Having a clean, organized garage will be beneficial to the entire home! At Garage Décor and More, we understand how important it is to have a clean, organized garage to store items, going beyond your family’s vehicles. During your spring-cleaning, if you notice a need for better organization, give us a call. We specialize in transforming home and garage organization for homes of all sizes.

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