How to Downsize the Right Way

how to downsizeOrganizing and downsizing our possessions can happen at any time, but most of us begin to think about creating cleaner, better living spaces once the longer, warmer spring days appear. As the warm breezes begin to waft through our windows, it signifies a new season is upon us. Is it time to downsize and organize your belongings, simplifying your life and organizing your home? Garage Décor and More can help you downsize the right way!

There are simple things we can do to downsize our existing “stash” and cut down on clutter, eventually making room for more. Here are some handy tips for downsizing items you own while also re-organizing.

Start with the clothes in your closet.

Keeping clothing that you can no longer fit into? Have more purses than you know what to do with? It’s a good idea to start with what’s in your closet when downsizing. It’s great to think you’ll drop those last 10 pounds, but have you been thinking about getting into those size 6 jeans for more than a few years? Once you downsize what is in your closet, contact Garage Décor and More and we can help you create a more usable space for organizing what’s left, with our custom closet organization systems specifically crafted for your unique space.

Books, old cassette tapes and more.

You likely still have cassette tapes from your college years…and don’t even own a tape player anymore! If you have items hanging around and taking up shelf space, it’s probably time to downsize. Still own Barney videos on VCR cassette tapes, even though you have high schoolers at home? Many of us rely on a streaming service, like Netflix, instead of our Blu Ray player and VCR for entertainment. If you own too many books and tapes to count, it’s best to donate to a school or other organization, removing the clutter from your home and freeing up shelving. Need an update to your shelves? Garage Décor and More offers a gallery of ideas and free consultations. Also, you can learn more about bookcase options here.

Kitchen gadgets.

Over the past year, we’ve all been home more…and we’ve probably added to our supply of kitchen gadgets from spending more time in the kitchen. Between the air fryer, instant pot, and multiple coffee machines and blenders, it’s smart to decide what you are really using regularly and what you might be able to put into storage, sell or giveaway. Garage Décor and More can help you get the most out of your kitchen storage space and pantry, creating a tidy space for everything you’re using to cook that next meal or host your next gathering.

Items with emotional connections.

In some cases, there are things we will want to keep and hand down to our children. Whether it’s photo albums, old yearbooks, or a wedding gown, certain items paint a picture of a family’s history. Then, there are other items that really don’t have any significance, yet we keep them around anyway. Do you really need 75 koozies from past events, or that box filled with random fraternity mementos?  If you are emotionally connected to items that you know you will no longer use or may have forgotten about, you may find that getting rid of those old past remnants may not only make you feel lighter, but it will also help you move into the present.

About Garage Décor and More.

If you are ready to downsize the right way, we can help! De-cluttering and downsizing creates a living space that is tidy and organized, keeping belongings you really need and use easily assessible. At Garage Décor and More, we offer hassle-free, no charge consultations to discuss the many offerings we have for turn-key design and storage. Learn more by calling us at (618) 407-1750 or check out our gallery of information online at