Garage Décor and More Closet Make-over Guide

closet make-overFrom garage storage cabinets to custom pantries, Garage Décor and More offers organizational systems that will transform every room of your home. Creating the closet of your dreams is easy – simply contact us for a free closet consultation and we can help turn your closets into a well-organized and beautiful space. Below are some handy tips to consider when contemplating that new closet.

Tidy it up.

With any organizational project in the home, we recommend deciding what you need to keep and what you may need to sell or donate. If you can donate your clothing, shoes or purses to a charitable cause, your bestie, or a thrift shop, you’ll not only feel good about it but also are able to start the closet make-over process from a clean slate.

Look for usable spaces.

Depending on the size of your existing closet, Garage Décor and More can work with you on the best solution for your personalized needs. There are benefits to windows in the master bedroom closet, letting lovely light in while getting dressed for a night on the town. Unfortunately, adding windows and other finishing touches like artwork on the walls takes away usable wall space. Often, we recommend corner shelving that takes advantage of closet space, as well as adding racks to the back of the closet door for shoes and accessories. Is there room for a bench or center island? That can add even more storage to the closet.

Zone it in.

As you continue to think about organizing, decide the best way to place items that you wear and access regularly. Do you dress by matching colors, by occasion or type of garment? Maybe you prefer to keep your athletic wear in one section, and your work attire in another? Whatever you prefer, think about organizing your clothing, shoes, and more in a compartmentalized zone. It’ll be easier to plan and more convenient to maintain once the closet is updated.

Built-ins…for the win.

We are also able to create custom spaces for all of your accessories. Are some of your favorite things scattered and disorganized? We can help. Whether you want built-in drawers or cabinetry for your most treasured jewelry, watches and wallets, we can help you organize all of your belongings, so they are easy to find and stored with care. Beautiful cabinetry and storage solutions can be yours simply by calling Garage Décor and More!

Other easy tips to impress.

Garage Décor and More can turn extra rooms and office spaces into your dream closet, place your wardrobe behind closed doors with custom cabinetry in many styles and colors, and recommend the best ways to make the most out of your existing closet spaces. You will love keeping your closets organized after a make-over and will never want to live with disorganized clothing and accessories again!

Garage Décor and More can help you determine the most logical way to create a closet filled with your most beloved items, making them easy to store and easy to find. We know the importance of “valuable closet space” and have helped many clients over the years find a solution that’s customized for their needs. We’ve been creating beautiful, functional spaces for years. Give us a call at (618) 407-1750 or check out our gallery of information online at