How A Slatwall Tool Organizer Makes Your Life Easier

SlatwallThere are countless ways to create an organized, clutter-free space with tips from Garage Décor and More, and one of our favorite ways is recommending Slatwall products and accessories. In a variety of colors to choose from, to match any garage or workspace décor, Slatwall is designed to renew any of your living spaces that requires ultimate organization. Tired of looking for tools or equipment? Slatwall can help!

Slatwall panels are built to last.

Made from PVC material, Slatwall panels are available in eight different colors as well as some wood grains to match your taste and individualized décor. Made in the USA, they are ideal for storing anything that needs to be organized and easily accessible. It’s also an affordable, sleek way to keep your tools, equipment and more at arm’s-length! If you’d like to check out our catalog, visit our website at

Customize your panel to suit your needs.

Slatwall panels can be quickly installed and are easy to organize. With the custom accessories we offer, you can store bikes, sports equipment and even yard games and toys. If your garage is also your workspace, use a Slatwall to store the hand tools you use regularly, keeping them organized and in good condition. Slatwall is installed on your wall, displaying your most used items, removing them from your floors and messy drawers so you can easily see what you need. Ever dig around the garage for that one tool missing? With Slatwall, everything has its place.

Tips to get organized.

When preparing to get organized with a Slatwall system, it’s best to decide what items or tools you use most and which ones are best kept in storage bins. A little pre-planning can make a big difference! By figuring out what you use on a regular basis, you can determine how the Slatwall should be arranged. Placement of the tools or items not being used regularly can be stored in drawers or toolboxes. Proper placement ensures an efficient workspace when you don’t have time to spare.

 Separation tips.

It’s a good idea to separate tools on your Slatwall in similar lengths. If you have rakes and shovels, place those longer items together. Smaller items like hammers and wrenches can also be placed together on the wall. At Garage Décor and More, we can offer suggestions on the best way to organize your tools when setting up your Slatwall. We can even offer “blueprint” ideas on how to set it up by sharing the Slatwall catalog ideas. Fully customizable, you can’t beat how efficient Slatwall can be when it’s time to get organized.

About Garage Décor and More.

There is nothing more satisfying than a workspace in your garage, shed or basement that is tidy and organized. At Garage Décor and More, we offer hassle-free, no-charge consultations to discuss the many offerings we have for turn-key design and storage options, including the wonderful and functional Slatwall. Learn more by calling us at (618) 407-1750 or check out our gallery of information online at