How Getting Organized Will Help Kick-off the New Year

getting organizedReady, set, go! Let’s leave 2020 in a heap of dust and begin the new year on the right foot! Over the past year, we’ve been spending more time in our houses and that means many of us have started thinking about what improvements need to be made at home. No matter what project plans you have for 2021, getting organized is the first step to kicking off the new year right.

What is the end goal for reorganizing?

Do you have too much clothing in your closet that you don’t even wear anymore? Is the unfinished room in your basement filled with so much “stuff” that you can barely walk into it to get that extra crock-pot? Your first goal of 2021 should be to focus on what you’d like to achieve with a new re-organization plan, whether it’s decluttering or simply organizing what you want to keep.

Take baby steps.

In most cases, reorganizing a room or a section of your home is not a weekend project. Typically, once you begin to see what you own in one area of the home, you either relocate it to another space or categorize it for later. You can end up feeling overwhelmed by the process, trying to figure out what you want to keep, store, or throw away. It may make sense to start small and focus on just one closet, one bookshelf, or even one drawer first. Garage Décor and More offers free, no-hassle consultations if you want some tips on creating more usable space in just one room or several areas of the home.

Am I keeping this?

Before we can offer suggestions on reorganizing that closet or spare bedroom, it’s best for the client to decide what they want to keep and what they may want to give to their Aunt Betty or donate. Designate a clear place for items you are giving away, as well as a bin for projects you may be working on during your reorganization planning. It’s important to ask yourself, “do I really need to keep this?” when going through the process. During reorganizing, most of us will come across something we forgot we even owned.

How to decide what to keep.

Well, how long ago did you use the item you are wondering about keeping, donating or throwing away? Did you forget you even had it? It’s recommended that when going through the home and reorganizing, don’t let “what you paid for the item” affect your decision on whether or not to keep it. If the item will affect your life in a positive way, keep it. If it’s something you purchased, forgot about, and don’t necessarily need, it makes more sense to get rid of it either by selling it or by donation.

Think about storage solutions when organizing.

Garage Décor and More can help offer a variety of ways to store the items you want to keep. For example, if you tend to declutter the home only to “hide” things in boxes and bins behind doors and in closets others typically don’t see, it’s time to contact us to learn about better, beautiful storage solutions. If you really want to get organized and stay organized in 2021, Garage Décor and More can recommend options to include custom cabinets, specialized storage shelves and hanging rods for any area of the home.

Being organized: it’s an ongoing process.

We all have certain places and spaces in the home where clutter collects. It may be a coffee table or kitchen island that collects random items throughout the week. Much of this is simply normal activity in the home and can happen to even the tidiest homeowners. Garage Décor and More does offer solutions for managing any clutter you have in the home. However, even with the best storage solutions, de-cluttering is something that ideally should happen on a semi-regular basis to keep your home looking its best.

Creating tidy and stress-free spaces is what we do best! If you would like to set-up a hassle-free, no charge consultation with Garage Décor and More, give us a call at (618) 407-1750 or check out our gallery of information online at We wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy and happy 2021.