How to Know What Kind of Flooring is Best for Your Garage

What Kind of Flooring is Best for Your GarageWe use our garages for many, many things. Some garages are turned into “man caves”, others are used to store our sporting and lawn equipment and often garages are turned into workshops. Oh, and of course they also can store our beloved vehicles! Garage floors are often one of the last things we think about when updating our garage space, but with oil leaks, dropped equipment and seasonal “wear and tear,” having a tough and attractive garage floor can really make a difference in its appearance.

Garage Décor and More can offer ways to improve your garage’s overall look while also protecting the garage flooring from damage. Most garage floors are typically plain, gray concrete. Over time, the garage floor will become stained by a variety of products like grease, oil and gas. There are a number of chemicals that will wreak havoc on your garage floor, and fortunately there are ways to protect it and enhance it, improving the overall look of your garage space for years to come.

Epoxy Flooring.

Epoxy flooring makes your garage floors more durable and stain resistant. It’s also easy to clean epoxy flooring with a mild, liquid detergent. Notice your flooring needs a quick cleaning? Pull out your cars and either hose down or mop the floor, so it looks like new again. Even a dust mop can clean your new epoxy floor. When your floor is protected with epoxy, grease, oil and more will not likely stain or mark the floor again.

Other benefits of epoxy flooring for your concrete floor include not having to worry about cracks or pits. With epoxy, you can also select from a large variety of color and style options. Want to match the flooring with the rest of your home? No problem! You also don’t have to worry about cleaning your new floor with harsh chemicals because a soap and water solution will clean it just fine. Our customers also love how after applying an epoxy coating, their garage floor won’t be as slick, preventing slips and falls from happening when lugging in bags of groceries from the garage!

Garage Floor Tiles.

Another practical and affordable solution for flooring is LockTile garage floor tiles. This is another tough and very adaptable way to protect your garage floor while also improving on its appearance. This interlocking tile solution is often used in many heavy-traffic areas to include industrial buildings, commercial facilities, warehouses, hospitals and more.

The tiles interlock and glue is not required when installing. The tiles also come in a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from and can be mixed and matched to suit your preference. If you are looking for a high-standard of quality for your garage floor, ask Garage Décor and More about LockTile floor tiles. Resistant to chemicals and comfortable underfoot, if a tile becomes damaged for any reason, it’s easy to replace it. Many tiles also have anti-skid textures to prevent slipping.

Not only do we offer many ideas for custom designed storage solutions that can improve any room of the home, we can also beautify your garage flooring while protecting it at the same time. Offering free consultations, we can help you decide what option is best for you. Improving your garage flooring will also add to the overall value of your home. Want to learn more? Visit our website at or call us at (618) 408-1690.