How to Make a Mudroom Inside Your Garage

mudroomMaking a mudroom inside your garage will give you and your family a place to take off their muddy boots, hang up their coats, and avoid tracking mud and other debris into the house. You should really have one if you live in dusty, wet, or snowy climate. If you want or need to add a mudroom to your home, you need to take all the factors into consideration. You need to choose where the mudroom will go, frame the new walls, lay out any plumbing or wiring you might need, hang drywall and lay out the flooring. You can finish the room by adding racks and shelves for storage space. The following will tell you how to break it down and get it done.

If your existing garage already opens up into your house, consider framing out a short section of that wall to turn that part of the garage into your mudroom. If you are building an entirely new garage, include the mudroom in the blueprints.   If you build your mudroom in your existing garage, you don’t have to worry about the new walls standing up to bad weather conditions because they are already contained inside the existing garage.

You need to think about what utilities you want to have in your mudroom. Central drains and a water supply might make cleaning the room a little bit easier. You can add light fixtures and electrical outlets to plug in lamps. If these features already exist in that area of the garage, you can incorporate those into your design.

You can frame the room by using 2×4 or 2×6 studs. Connect the new wall to the existing wall with ledger boards at the ends of the joists. Be sure to use insulation between the studs. Make sure you protect the drywall from dust and dirt by hanging vinyl wallpaper or painting with a durable paint.

Finishing Your Mudroommudroom
This is the best part. At Garage Décor and More, we have multiple options to make this the mudroom of your dreams. For a great storage solution, you can choose from our Redline Cabinet Series. The powder-coated surfaces resist denting and peeling which is ideal for a mudroom. There are more than 500 cabinets available, full extension drawers, adjustable door hinges, multiple color choices, and cabinets are available in 12”, 16”, and 22 ½” inch depths. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

For wall organization, HandiWALL is the way to go. They can be installed in full 8’ or 4’ panels. The panels can also be cut to size to fit into tighter spaces. You can hang hooks for coats or back packs, and you can hang bins or baskets for other storage such as shoes, sports equipment, or school projects.

And don’t forget about the floor. Our Polymer flooring is a decorative interior and exterior flooring. It is a hard-wearing floor surface made from dense polymer that gives in strength and durability. It is an ideal floor surface for your mudroom.

At Garage Décor and More, we can build you the mudroom of your dreams. Our high quality products will give you a lifetime of worry free use of your mudroom. The mud will stay in the mudroom while you enjoy the rest of your home.

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