Products to Consider When Doing A Bedroom Closet Makeover

closet_aSome people might think that organizing your closet is a huge chore. It can be, but with the help of the proper organization products it can be a breeze. Here at Garage Décor and More we can build you the customized closet of your dreams.

Hangers and Hanging Shelves

To properly care for your clothes, you need the proper hangers. Use padded hangers for more delicate items, and use sturdy wooden hangers for tailored jackets and heavy coats.

Drawers and Hooks

You can store accessories in drawers for easy access to scarves and undergarments. Belts can be hung on a wall-mounted organizer or a pull-out organizer. For bags and purses, you can use durable hooks to hang them on so they don’t lose shape from lying on a shelf for too long.

Shoe Storage

To store your shoes, you can use a slanted shelf to be able to see your shoes at a glance. A short version of the hanging shoe shelf is ideal if you have double-hung closet rods. You can use slim, plastic shoe boxes for your shoes because they stack compactly and will keep your shoes free from dust.

Out-of-Season Items

If you have sweaters or other winter items to put away for the summer, why not try canvas boxes? You can use the large size boxes to neatly fold and store your heavy sweaters, or even your coats and jackets. You can use clear plastic boxes to store hats, mittens, gloves and scarves.

Extra Storage

An armoire can provide extra storage in your bedroom. You can use baskets to store odds and ends that you might need. You can also hang seldom-used items there as well. Up-to-the-ceiling cabinets can offer maximum storage and can be easily reached with a small step ladder.

What Can Garage Décor and More Do for You?

We can design the closet of your dreams. It will stand up to many years of use and still look great. All of our cabinetry is custom made to your exact specifications, making your final product fit like a glove. We mount everything on heavy duty tracks to ensure that it is level. Our tracks are hidden so your closet will always look neat.

You have many styles to choose from with our Redline Closet Systems. There are 16 different cabinet shelf depths in any height you can think of. There are also eight standard colors and finishes, multiple drawer styles, a wide variety of accessories, countertops, and hardware that can be customized to exactly fit your needs.

We are the only manufacturer to offer over 30 door styles including contemporary, raised panel, mission, and many more. Our closet systems work great in other rooms too where you need to get organized.

At Garage Décor and More, we can build the closet of your dreams! Our high quality products will give you a life time of enjoyment and add much needed organization to your home. It can even add value to your home if you ever decide to sell. CONTACT us here or call us today at 618-789-7969 for a FREE consultation!