Mud Room Makeover: Tips On How To Better Use The Space

mud roomIt seems that families are busier than ever before with school activities, sports, and full time jobs. There are many evenings we are coming home after school or work to drop off our things, just to get ready for the next appointment or event. Isn’t it hard to imagine a “life before mudrooms?” Mudrooms offer so many of us a conveniently located spot in the home to organize all the extra items we need for work and/or play. There are some specialty features that make your mudroom the favorite room in your home. Use our list to determine which features are best for your family and lifestyle. Once you determine your storage needs, it’s always easier to find your storage solutions.

Designated Charging Station. Families today usually have several electronic devices that require charging. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a designated spot, whether it’s shelving, a drawer or a cabinet, for your devices? This could be an especially creative option if your mudroom is closer to the main living space and also heated. Keep in mind you don’t want to keep your expensive devices in an unheated section of the home or in an exterior mudroom for fear of damaging those expensive “toys” and electronics.

Mail Organizers. If you are tired of looking at the piles and piles of mail that end up on the kitchen counter, look again: a designated spot in the mudroom may be the solution. Garage Décor and More can create custom slots built into a cabinet or a wall-mount for your mail, catalogs, and newspapers. If the mudroom is the first place you step into from the garage, this may be a perfect option for when your arms are full of mail!

Open Shelving vs. Closed Cabinets. Above all, you want your mudroom to be user-friendly. Many of our clients couldn’t live without shelving in their mudrooms. It’s also a preference as to whether the storage is enclosed custom cabinets or shelving. Keep in mind: a mudroom is generally used daily and the convenience of having open shelving can be more appealing for everyday usage. Need that fabric softener quickly? It’s easier to grab from an open shelf. Think about what you will be storing and then you can determine the width of the shelving or cabinets as well as weight restrictions for items being stored. We can create a custom-designed mudroom just for you and your specific needs with unbeatable craftsmanship.

Mudroom bench. Ah, the convenience of unloading groceries, a purse and briefcase, along with being able to sit down and remove muddy boots! That’s what a mudroom bench has to offer. An ideal mudroom bench also offers a lift off cushion for more storage or extra drawers, giving homeowners one more reason to love the ease of a bench in their mudroom. If there’s enough floor space in your mudroom, this is one feature worth considering. The workbench series by Redline offers a variety of colors and styles to choose from, with an outstanding warranty, too. Ask us about it.

DSCF6130Hanging Storage. Nothing beats convenience, and hanging storage is a wonderful way to grab the coats, hats, and rain gear needed without spending too much time before leaving home. Add a designated storage location for hanging your car keys and purse and you’ll end up loving how effortlessly you can make it out the door for that important meeting. We also offer StoreWALL wall systems that are durable and efficient, making storage at your fingertips extremely versatile. Whether you want to hang heftier items like ladders or laundry boards, or create a more organized space with hanging baskets, StoreWALL provides many options for our residential clients (and commercial clients, too).

Overall, mudrooms are ideal for items used on a regular basis. Laundry, cleaning supplies, pet supplies and outerwear are often placed within a mudroom for optimal convenience. A well-utilized mudroom is determined on its usable size as well as its main function. As the homeowner, that is entirely your decision. However; we can help you decide which storage space in your home will accommodate your needs best!

Any questions about our mudroom design services can be answered by giving us a call at 618-789-7969 or by emailing us here for a free, no-hassle quote today. If you are looking to redesign your mudroom, making it your favorite “hardworking and functional room” in the house, we can help.