Closet Envy? Transform Your Closet To Your Favorite Space

closetHave you ever been late for that important meeting, only because you couldn’t find your favorite blazer? Did you opt for last year’s, scuffed up dress shoes only because you couldn’t find a matching pair of pumps in the right color? Wrinkled shirts, sweaters with hanger marks and bulges, all end up happening because your closet can become unorganized, overly utilized, and eventually unruly! Our team at Garage Décor and More can solve all your disorganized closet problems with a Custom Closet System.

When you call us, we can make your closet dreams come true. If you’ve ever been in a professionally designed, custom master bedroom closet, you can appreciate how easily items can be found and how well (and with care) personal belongings are stored. With our Redline Closet System, you will soon have closets that are the envy of all your friends. Whether it’s your master bedroom or pantry, the organizational systems we design make you proud to show off your closets and what’s in them.

Organized, professionally designed closets take the stress out of home ownership. When you have linen closets that are organized and pantries that have been designed with your exact requirements in mind, it’s not only easier finding things but also storing items in their designated spots. You’ll be amazed at how much more storage room you have once you re-organize your storage capabilities. Our team of design professionals can transform even the smallest of closets into a more organized, fully-functional space, making you wonder why you didn’t give us a call sooner. No matter the size of your closet, Garage Décor and More can renovate the space to suit your needs.

We offer free consultations; giving you the opportunity to share with us the most important features you want in your new closet system. Is there not enough storage space in your laundry room? Do you want to transform that messy hall closet into a better storage area for only extra shoes, jackets and coats? When we design a customized space, we cater the shelving to fit your exact needs and wants. We even offer a lifetime warranty, proving that we believe the Redline Closet System offers unparalleled quality for your home or office.

Our closet systems begin with high quality materials, with cabinetry made to suit the exact specifications for you, our customer. Your new closet will fit the space so well, no one will believe it wasn’t part of the original home blueprints! Because every closet space is different, there are also 16 shelving and cabinet depths available in any height your space requires. A variety of colors and finishes are also available, making your custom closet exactly what you always dreamt it would be.

Did you know that Garage Décor and More are associate members of NAPO St. Louis, the National Association of Professional Organizers? It’s good to know that If you have a lot of belongings and need help organizing itwe have the products, skills and resources to help you find a perfect place for everything you own. What more can you ask for than an easy-to-maintain, organized closet? We’re here to answer any questions about our custom closet design services, so give us a call at 618-789-7969 or contact us for a free, no-hassle quote today. If you are looking to redesign one closet in your home or five, we can help.