How To Prep Your Garage for Spring

prep your garage for SpringYour Garage is always guilty of being the first room in the house to store unwanted items that simply don’t fit in the rest of the house. Now that warmer weather is right around the corner, it’s time to start to prep your garage for Spring so the kids have easy access to their favorite toys and sports equipment without interfering with dad’s man cave. Here is a list of ways to prepare your garage to turn it from a winter storage space into an accessible, de-cluttered, and fully functional room in the house the entire family loves.

Examine each item closely. It’s easy and tempting to begin spring cleaning your garage and avoiding the painful task of getting rid of the items that are either as old as the house, the kids have outgrown, or might have sentimental value. Don’t make this mistake year after year, so the first step to prepare for a thorough cleaning and organizing is taking everything out of the garage. This strategy has many benefits and will eventually leave you bragging to your friends about how great your garage now looks. Once everything is out of your garage, coordinate the related items and make the tough choices about keeping, donating, selling, or tossing the items you don’t need anymore. Put together the items that are frequently used, items that are used together, bulkier items, tools, sports equipment, and anything else the family uses for warm weather fun. Lastly, now that everything has been removed from the garage, take the time to clean the snow, mud, and water out of the garage that has built up during winter.

Rethink your storage methods. Don’t settle this spring with leaving your vehicles outside the garage each night. If your current storage system doesn’t allow room for a workspace, your vehicles, or easily accessible storage, it’s time to begin thinking about giving your garage a whole new look. Garage Décor and More can provide you with a free consultation when thinking about organization options. It’s amazing how our great selection of cabinets, closets, and overhead storage racks can not only change the look of the garage, but effectively use every bit of space in your garage without creating clutter. Remember, our company specializes in designing and installing customized garage organization systems that will have you choosing a new favorite room in the house…and creating a garage space everyone will envy.

prep your garage for SpringVertical is key. One of the most effective ways to provide your garage with more room this spring is by making the most of your wall space by hanging items vertically, giving your floor a much-needed break. A very easy way to de-clutter a garage workspace is to hang up tools using slatwall. Slatwall systems offer a very efficient and professional looking option that can be combined with a garage work-bench. With everything off the floor, now is the perfect opportunity to give the floor a spring cleaning with new polymer flooring or lock-tile flooring. Garage Décor and More offers great flooring solutions providing that finishing touch on your “new” garage. Now that your gardening equipment, bicycles, and other essential tools are hung up on the wall, your garage is ready to host next week’s poker night or block party.

Garage Décor and More is the perfect resource to help guide you while preparing your garage for spring. Go beyond the normal “spring cleaning ritual” and revitalize your garage so it’s more organized, visually appealing, and extremely functional. If you have any questions about how to clean, organize, or create a new storage space, give us a call at 618-789-7969 or by emailing us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.