How To Utilize Closet Accessories

closet accessoriesIs your closet a cluttered nightmare? Are your mornings spent frantically searching for your best business blouse or that favorite pair of jeans? Overtime, closets often become disorderly and dysfunctional as we continue to shove more and more clothing items and shoes inside without properly organizing them. Are you ready to no longer dread opening your closet door? At Garage Décor and More, we offer a variety of closet accessories, allowing you to transform your closet into an organized, functional part of your home. It’s easy to customize your closet with a few of our top selling closet accessories.

  • The pull-down clothes bar. This side mounted, pull down bar is perfect for hanging and displaying shirts, blouses, pants and skirts without having to worry about them becoming wrinkled. This clothes bar is available in multiple sizes and has an adjustable rod length so that you can choose the measurement that works best for your closet space. The bar accommodates universal closet designs and can be adjusted to fit handicap accessible applications.
  • The spiral clothes bar. A customer favorite, our adjustable rack has the ability to turn 360 degrees, making it the perfect corner solution for your closet. The spiral bar allows you to conveniently view all of your favorite tops, which makes picking your outfits so much easier! You can hang 40 single items of clothing from top to bottom on this unique rack.
  • The fan pant rack. Our pivot-out fan rack eliminates the hassle of having to tediously hang each pair of pants up. Its simple installation allows you to fully utilize every inch of your closet space by conveniently storing an additional nine pairs of pants. The rack’s rubber rings keep pants from falling to your closet’s floor, and its polished ends keep your favorite pair of jeans safe from any potential snagging.
  • The tie rack. A convenient way to store and display all of your ties in one place, our wall mount tie rack is a closet necessity. Designed to hold 23 ties, you will never have to waste your mornings searching for your favorite tie again. This sturdy, slim rack is ideal for a narrow wall or the back of your closet door.
  • The tilt out hamper. Now you can conceal and access your laundry in one easy motion with our door-mounted hamper. To install the hamper, simply mount the basket to a bottom-hinged cabinet. When you want to remove the hamper, it simply slides out, making laundry days easier than ever. Our tilt out hamper comes in multiple sizes to custom fit your closet cabinetry. If your closet lacks cabinets, no worries! Our pull-out basket is another closet classic for organized laundry storage. 
  • The valet rod. This sliding rod allows you to neatly organize your outfit the night beforehand, making your mornings easier than ever before! The easy- to-install rod creates an additional 10 inches of space in your closet. Holding 30 pounds of weight and equipped with a knob at the end to prevent your clothes from sliding to the floor, this valet can hold an entire outfit for that upcoming meeting at work or a Saturday night out with friends. When you are finished with the valet, simply push the rod back in, it’s as simple as that! 
  • The jewelry drawer. Are you constantly searching for your favorite pair of dainty earrings? Do you spend your mornings untangling your necklaces? Keep your jewelry and accessories organized all in one place and in pristine condition with our jewelry drawer. With the pull out drawer’s organizational inserts, customization and care has never been easier.

With our large variety of rods, baskets, bins and racks, you can personalize your closet to fit your entire family’s storage needs. Our easy-to-install, affordable closet accessories can transform any dull, mess of a closet into a customized, fully functional space! For more information on how to create the closet of your dreams, call us today at 618-789-7969.