Are You Tired of Dealing with Your Dreaded Basement? Our Solutions Can Help!

dreaded basementJust like garages, basements can be on the receiving end of unwanted junk and clutter. Isn’t it time to start using your lower level basement space for a relaxing family room to entertain or use that unfinished section of your basement for easy, worry-free storage solutions? Here are some tips for giving your basement the makeover it deserves while turning it into your new favorite room in the house.

Most basements offer homeowners the biggest overall floor space thus giving you the most space for creativity and plenty of room to set up a new storage system. First, you must go through your entire basement and determine what items are causing the unnecessary clutter. Set up a temporary space downstairs for unwanted items using storage bins. This way you avoid spending an entire afternoon walking up and down your stairs to dispose of items. Instead, you are systematically removing the clutter. This allows you to determine with the rest of the family if the items are worth keeping.

The de-cluttering process is an important step in re-organizing the basement. It will give your utility, storage, and living areas much needed room to breathe, creating more space for family gatherings, play areas for the kids or enhanced living spaces. You’ll be surprised how much more storage space you have for items you actually want to use and keep once you de-clutter!

Once your basement is de-cluttered, it’s time to implement a new storage system to maximize your basement’s square footage. At Garage Décor and More, we offer Hyloft overhead storage racks and shelving that’s perfect for your downstairs space. Our durable shelving and racks can be ideal for hoisting storage bins giving you the floor space you’ve always wanted. With Hyloft overhead storage solutions, you can also minimize the damage any cold or wet basement floors can cause by having our sturdy, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing systems secured to protect your valuable items off the basement floor.

Attempting to hide clutter is easy with new cabinetry! Cabinets by Redline will also give your basement a fresh look. Whether you’ve already finished your basement and want to update your storage or prefer an unfinished storage room that looks tidy, we offer custom cabinets of all sizes, colors, and styles that will fit perfectly in any area. The Slimline Series of cabinets even accommodates the most limited storage spaces! Anything you want to keep stored will be safe from bugs, flooding, and the moisture that can build up inside. By installing a new set of cabinets, you can finally have a designated place for everything.

Flooring is also an important consideration when enhancing your downstairs space. If your basement is unfinished, or your carpet is becoming dirty and worn down, we are here to help. Our selection of tile and polymer coated flooring is the perfect way to give your basement new life. Imagine having an easy to maintain floor that can handle all the spills, wear and tear that comes with having kids. Our flooring options will not sacrifice any of the comfort your carpet provides and at the same time will hold up in damp basements. New flooring will give you a long-term solution and is the perfect first step for unfinished basements.

If you can’t decide how to effectively use your basement, or you are cramped in your small garage, don’t hesitate to consult with us on how to create a workshop, man cave, or additional storage solution. Unfinished basements or basements with tile or polymer coated floors are the perfect spot for the “do-it-yourselfer”. Our wide selection of wall organization by Slatbox or StoreWALL storage will have your belongings feeling right at home on the wall of your basement. “Garage” may be in our name, but we can help you stylize and organize so much more!

Garage Décor and More is here to help you take back your basement and provide you with a clean, organized, and functional living and/or storage space. We are always available to help answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 618-789-7969 or contact us for a free, no-hassle quote today. If you’ve always wanted more room for a couch and TV, exercise equipment, or a kid play space in your basement, we can help make that possible.