Creating a “Sports Zone”: Tips For Organizing Athletic Gear In Your Garage

Organizing Athletic GearIt’s Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. Your youngest daughter has an early morning championship soccer game, but can’t seem to find her left cleat. To get to the tournament on time, finding that second cleat takes a priority over organizing the snack bag for the long ride and picking out the morning’s play list. That soccer cleat is missing and it’s the only pair that still fits her comfortably. While your child is panicking and your spouse begins to yell and lecture about “responsibility”, you begin to scan your entire garage from the perimeter and realize: the copious amount of athletic gear you have in your garage needs to get organized, once and for all!

Hopefully, a lost or misplaced item before your child’s biggest annual tournament never happens to you. Ideally, it’s our hope that a decision to re-organize your existing storage space happens when you have time to plan and consider your very personalized needs and wants for all of that gear. Springtime is the perfect time to re-think your sports gear organization, and we offer plenty of solutions that suit your space and lifestyle.

Creating a “Sports Zone” in your home not only helps you find that baseball glove and ball at the last minute, but also offers your family the convenience of finding everything on those weekends you simply want to kick back and play Frisbee in the yard. When everyone knows where to find the sports equipment, either in a storage shed, garage, or mudroom, it’s easier to remember to put things back. If the items don’t have a well-kept space as a “home”, kids and family members alike often toss the items anywhere and everywhere when done with the gear. This is the quickest and easiest way to lose equipment…and gain a headache.

Custom racks meant for storing the equipment make storage convenient for everyone. Customers frequently come to us with a request to get the items off of their floors and on to storage racks so we often recommend the StoreWALL storage system to them. This wall system is heavy duty, comes in a variety of colors, and most importantly can grow as your needs grow. Did your son just take up Lacrosse? With StoreWALL, you can add the gear accordingly to the rest of his sports collection.

Organizing Athletic GearAnother type of storage system we offer that many clients use for organizing their sports equipment, toys, and other items is by HandiWALL®. This product is a cellular PVC slatwall base that is installed in full 8’ or 4’ panels. The panels can also be cut and fit to tighter storage spaces, which is an ideal custom solution for homeowners. You will also be happy to know that HandiWALL® allows a flexible layout, adapting to changing storage needs over time. Visit our website to see pictures of both wall storage systems at Whether you want to hang hockey sticks, tennis rackets or a variety of basketballs and footballs, the HandiWALL® System makes it so easy to find exactly what you are searching for before early morning practice or a neighborhood game of tag football.

Want to know the best part about getting organized with Garage Décor and More? The wall organization systems we offer are considered multisport (and multi-functional) organizers. As parents, we know that some kids become bored with one sport and quickly move on to another. With our highly customizable and flexible storage systems, you can combine different sized bins, slots and hanging hooks for your child’s sport-of-the-moment. And because our systems offer plenty of space for your gear, it might even make sense to keep the “gently used” sporting equipment around for a while (in case your youngest has future aspirations to be a tennis star like his oldest sibling once did). Having sports gear nicely stored away for your future generation of athletes is never a bad idea.

Garage Décor and More also offers storage cabinets and storage lockers in different sizes to suit you and your family. We can help you find a place for every last golf club, tennis shoe and hula- hoop! Contact us when you are ready to discuss plans for your new, highly organized “Sports Zone”. Call today for your FREE consultation at 618-789-7969. With a little organization, you may never miss a practice or be late for a tournament again!