It’s Tool Time! How To Organize Your Tools So You Can Find Them

organize your toolsToday, we are all living fast paced lives with full time jobs and family commitments, making staying organized one of the toughest things to accomplish. If only we could stay organized, we could find more time in our busy schedules! Although every homeowner may not have golf clubs and bikes and camping equipment to organize in their garage, most homeowners use their garage space to organize their tools. Even if you don’t have woodworking as a hobby, household tools like hammers, screwdrivers and more are items that can be organized (and easily found) with the proper organizational system from Garage Décor and More.

If you love being organized, Redline Cabinets are beautiful storage options that can make your dreams for uncluttering the garage come true! With over 400 cabinet styles available, it’s the ultimate in garage storage. The Redline Cabinets offer a Workbench Series and Slimline Series to choose from, giving clients stylish storage options that outperform painted or laminated cabinets that can chip, warp and break.

The Workbench Series we offer, for example, gives homeowners the ultimate workbench and storage solution for their garage. This system can also be utilized in basement workrooms and even industrial settings, like an auto-body shop. Your options to choose from are endless, with many components and sizes to customize any garage. If you are looking for unlimited combinations for your tools and equipment, the Workbench Series system may be perfect for you.

Workbench cabinets are tough, made to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them. They also have an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, giving owners peace of mind that their new system can be enjoyed for a long, long time.

Another popular organizational system for tool storage in the garage or elsewhere in the home is the StoreWALL System. It’s a re-engineered slatwall for home and commercial applications making storage conveniently accessed – and at your fingertips. With the slatwall system, you can add hooks, baskets, brackets and even shelves. It’s heavy duty, so don’t worry about tools and other items loosing their grip! With StoreWALL, you can see right away if the tape measure was put back in its resting spot and be able to reach for that hammer when hanging your new family photo. Items are easily accessible and organized off the floor and in their designated spaces.

StoreWALL is also able to grow with your ever-changing needs and built to last for a lifetime. This customizable system gives homeowners and also commercial customers a full range of accessories to choose from depending on the tools you want to store. Whether you need a spot for all of your gardening supplies or automotive tools, StoreWALL features the exclusive CamLok to insure years of repeated use and safety. Visit our website page for more information.

Because Garage Décor and More has a variety of different wall and organizational systems to choose from, we are able to fit your space and fit your needs. From the smallest tool to the heaviest leaf blower, we can find a spot for items you and your family use on a regular basis. Let’s face it: tools seem to be always misplaced, ending up in the last place you look! With a revamped organizational system in your garage, you’ll know exactly where that important tool is, saving you time and energy.

Let us help you organize your tools and equipment, creating an ideal spot for everything you own. We can help you organize your garage so it’s visually appealing, functional and the envy of your neighbors. If you have any questions about which storage system is best for you, give us a call at 618-789-7969 or by emailing us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.