Organizing Your Home Gym

largeDid you make a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy in 2014?  If so, you may have invested in some exercise equipment and accessories for a home gym. Having an area of your home dedicated to fitness can help you reach your health goals, but where do you put it all?  Dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise balls and other items often just get piled up on the floor, creating clutter and unnecessary mess in your home.

Garage Décor and More can help!  We offer many products and solutions to help you stylishly organize and equip your home gym.

Bins and Labels

The first step for almost any organization project is to sort and strategize.  Take an inventory of everything you need to store, and then look for solutions that will work for your space and your budget.

Sort your home gym equipment by size or function to decide how many storage bins you might need to contain the items.  Once you have everything classified, look for attractive bins or baskets that complement your home’s décor.  Labeling your containers will make it easy for you to quickly find exactly what you need during your workout.

You could choose to simply stack your containers on the floor, OR you could take your home gym organization to the next level with some smart solutions from Garage Décor and More.



Keep your equipment up off the floor with simple and sleek storeWALL solutions.  With limitless options for hooks and hangers, storeWALL products can make your space extremely functional and versatile.  You do not need a whole extra room in your home for fitness; with storeWALL, any space can easily work as a great home gym.

Slimline Cabinets

Slimline Cabinets by Redline can keep all of your exercise accessories clean and organized behind closed doors. Slimline cabinets provide great storage even if you have very limited space.  Bi-fold doors only require 7” of room to open and the cabinets come in single or double tall options.  Garage Décor and More can easily install custom Slimline Cabinets to create a great workout area in any room of your home.


Another option for storing your gear is to install shelves in your workout area.  If you are short on floor space, sturdy wall-mounted shelves are a great solution. Garage Décor and More offers several great options.  You pick your style and we can find a solution that fits your needs.

Ultimately, your home gym should be an area where you can feel energized and inspired to get healthy.  Organizing your equipment will enhance the efficiency of your workouts and also keep the space looking great.

If you have a home gym that could use some help, Garage Décor and More offers a variety of quality products and solutions.
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