Spring Cleaning – Organize Your Garden Shed

closets-garage-2Spring is finally upon us, and after a cold and dreary winter we are all ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!  With awesome temperatures and eager spirits, this is the perfect time of year to organize and revitalize your garden shed.  Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where every tool is located when you need to use it?  With smart plans and innovative systems, you can have your garden shed looking ship-shape and ready for this year’s planting season.

 Avoid Frustration and Wasted Resources

Save yourself the frustration of fumbling through tools and equipment.  A well-organized garden shed maximizes your time and your enjoyment when working in your yard or garden.  Vertical storage solutions keep items off the floor of the shed and in clearer view so that you can always find what you’re looking for.  This saves you from spending unnecessary money on re-purchasing an item you can’t find in the mess.

 Make the Most of Your Space

Are you currently taking advantage of all the available space in your garden shed?  Many people tend to overlook simple storage opportunities in existing spaces.  For example, your garden shed doors can be a perfect place to store hand tools. This gives you very easy access to items you use frequently and also frees up more space for a potting bench or larger yard equipment inside the shed.  You can also utilize higher areas for less frequently used items such as frost covers.

 Give Your Back a Break

You shouldn’t have to move one thing to get to another – like hoisting last year’s bag of leftover potting soil out of the way so you can pull the lawn mower out!  This wastes time and energy.  Working outside should be a peaceful and pleasant experience!  Having all of your gardening and lawn care items in easy reach creates less stress and increases efficiency in your projects.  Sturdy shelves, benches, and hooks can help you avoid hassles and make it easy to pull larger items out for use when you need them.

Need a Hand?

These tips are all great advice, but sometimes we can all use a little help getting started.  If you’re reading this and imagining the overwhelming pileup of “stuff” that is currently cluttering your garden shed, I can help.  With a keen eye for hidden potential and some very focused energy, I can transform your mess into a storage success.  Your garden shed will be neat as a pin and functional again once I’m finished with it!  No matter how bad it is now, I can design smart solutions to maximize your current space and find a functional place for everything in your shed.  You can look forward to planting new seeds and harvesting your garden this year with a clean and organized space to store all your necessary items.