Spring Cleaning Your Closets – Helpful Tips & Tricks

closetSpring has sprung!  It’s time to take on your spring cleaning projects – like streamlining and organizing your closets! Closet space is so valuable, yet it is often under-utilized.  Are your closets bursting with “stuff” making it hard to find what you’re looking for?  Do you have winter clothes that you didn’t wear that need to be tossed?  Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

1.  Pace Yourself

Do not try to tackle it all at once.  Start with your wardrobe and gradually work your way through your accessories. When one project is complete, select another manageable project to finish.  Breaking the project down into smaller mini-projects will keep your streamlining running smoothly, and you will see progress along the way.

2.  Strategize Then Categorize

Strategize first.  Think about the items you intend to keep in each closet and remove what does not belong.  Find the most logical place for their relocation. The key to organizing is to categorize.   Collect all the clothing in your home that is out of season and categorize them in groups to “toss,” “mend,” “donate,” and “keep”.   Deal with each pile accordingly.  Follow the same procedure for miscellaneous accessory items such as shoes, purses, belts, scarves, and so on. Photos, electronics, cleaning supplies, books, and other smaller items often get scattered around the house in various places.  Use storage totes as collection centers for these miscellaneous items as you work through your closets so that you can eventually sort through all of it.

3.  Resourcefully Relocate

Just like closet space, most people do not utilize other storage areas in the home; for example, furniture pieces (or underneath them), suitcases, cabinets, drawers, coolers, or baskets.  Designate these areas as a home for smaller items so that the space in your closets can be used for larger things.  Get the best use out of everything you own before buying anything new.

You will be amazed by the sense of gratification and accomplishment you will feel once these spring-cleaning projects are complete.

Whether you are spring cleaning or just wanting to get better organized, I am always available to help you design a better solution.  Contact me for a consultation, and I would be happy to show you some great options!