Conquering Mudroom Mayhem

Summer is on its way!  If you are lucky enough to have a designated “mudroom” in your home, get it ready to handle all the stuff that tends to accompany your family’s fun in the sun. Don’t have a mudroom? Now is a great time to carve out an area that can serve as an organized drop-spot for all the items that often accumulate near your home’s entryways such as:

  • Shoes & boots
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Jackets & sweatshirts
  • Keys
  • Umbrellas
  • Sports gear & equipment
  • Toys
  • Pet food & accessories
  • Sunscreen & bug spray


These things always seem to pile up, but you don’t have to stress over the mess. Keep the clutter contained and command order in your abode with a well-organized mudroom or entryway area.

School’s Out For Summer

Got kids?  Then chances are, you’ve got clutter!  Summer break means all-day play.  Prepare for the extra dirt, wet towels, sports gear and toys this summer by assigning, categorizing and compartmentalizing all available space. Create an area for each member of your family and make sure they know that everything has a “home.”

Lawn and Garden Grit

Kids probably aren’t the only ones making a mess in your mudroom.  Mowing the grass, weeding flowerbeds, and gardening is dirty work for adults.  A properly planned mudroom can help keep fugitive dirt under control before it gets tracked through the rest of the house.  Easy-to-clean storage solutions are ideal for stashing away gardening gloves, mowing shoes and other items used for yard work.

Paws and Claws

While we’re on the topic of dirt, we certainly can’t forget to include our furry friends.  The mudroom is an ideal place to keep a litter box, store pet food and accessories, and clean muddy paws.  Clever hideaways can conceal pet items you want to keep out of sight, while convenient hooks and cubbies can make items such as leashes and toys easy to find.

Other Overflow

A mudroom can also serve as an overflow area for extra pantry items, school supplies, or recycling.  Again, these things can be kept neat and organized with smart storage solutions so that they don’t pile up and make the area appear chaotic.

Make a Plan with a Pro

You can nip summer clutter in the bud by making use of any wasted space. I can help you plan and execute an effective mudroom or entryway storage design to best fit your family’s needs.  We will carefully consider your design preferences and all the ways you intend to use the space.  I can then create a personalized and organized area capable of serving many functions.

Don’t lose your cool this summer over a mess in the mudroom. Call me today!