Curb Your Clutter Frustrations: Designate a Drop Zone

Drop Zone 004Last month we talked about organizing a mudroom area to catch items like shoes, bags, jackets, tools, and kids’ toys.  I’ve also been hearing the frustrations of many homeowners about trying to keep smaller everyday items like keys, wallets, electronics, and mail organized so that they don’t clutter up a kitchen counter.

Almost every home has a place where things just seem to land.  Often the stop-and-drop area is where you come into the house from the garage, or at another high-traffic entrance.  Sure, it would be great to immediately take everything that comes through the door to its ‘home,’ but let’s be honest, it just isn’t realistic.

How many times do you walk through your door, arms loaded full of groceries, keys, mail,
cell phone, and some assortment of other items?

The perfect solution: a designated “Drop Zone.”  An innovative storage system that offer a streamlined place for keys, phone charging, and mail handling to keep your counters clear and help curb your clutter frustrations.  It can even include a recycling center underneath so that junk mail can be tossed quickly and easily.  A junk drawer in the drop zone also comes in handy for all those small miscellaneous items.  Ideally, you could free up whatever kitchen drawer is currently being used to catch those items.

Ladies, you may even be able to get your men to neatly place their wallet, receipts,
and spare change in a special place designed just for them!


There is no reason why storage can’t be stylish!  Custom organization solutions can fit seamlessly into any décor.  I offer sleek garage systems and polished interior designs that will make you happy to use the space to its maximum potential.  Some homeowners prefer an open storage unit with colorful bins and baskets, while others want it all to be behind closed doors.  Whatever your preference, we can design a drop zone organization solution to fit your needs and your home perfectly.


In addition to looking great, your drop zone will serve its intended purpose.  Every household can have different needs for keeping small items at bay.  We will take a look at your space, evaluate your specific needs, and come up with a solution that fits best into your life.  Families with children may need a designated spot for schoolwork, a communication board, calendar, etc.  Whatever your drop zone needs, Garage Décor & More can help!


If your patience for stop-and-drop clutter is running low, I can help create a place for the stuff to go!

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